This Month’s Shortlist – Your Vote Helps Choose Our Winner
Which of the following is the most conversational?

It’s not about the quality of the writing. Doesn’t need to be
poetic. Nor full of big words or jargon.
This is the Conversational LinkedIn Post Of The Month

You get the best results from LinkedIn if you spark
conversations. Likes, comments or views matter to some

But it’s the quality of the post. And how it “connects” with
people that matters. So regardless of the grammar, spelling
or beauty of the words, it’s how well our judges felt the
entries impacted them.

A Big Thank You To Our Judges…

These wonderful people gave their time to help produce this month’s shortlist – why not go connect with them? Clicking on their name takes you to their LinkedIn profile:

Morton Patterson

Morton helps service-focused professionals sell on value and not price.

So if you want to get paid what you’re worth, Morton steps you through a process which leaves his clients significantly better off.



Taz Thornton

Award-winning coach, trainer & motivational business speaker 🎤 I work with individuals & teams to grow confidence, visibility & clients – let’s #UnleashYourAwesome! 3x TEDx speaker. Bestselling author. Pink powerhouse.



Tanya Bunting

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Trainer & Personal Development Coach. “Inspiring YOU to shine…”

I help people to know exactly what they want and accelerate progress towards their goals.



Sujita Purushothaman

Breaking Barriers in International Trade, passionate about export and tech. I specialise in facilitating international trade in products and services. I help SMEs in UK and Europe export to specific markets such as the Middle East, especially Qatar, Dubai, Bahrain and Oman, and South East Asia.



Asha Clearwater

Content coach, storyteller and media mentor. Owner and PR cat at Turquoise Tiger. Curator: TEDxPeterborough. Down-to-earth, fun, experienced content coach & mentor helping businesses cut through the noise & get real with their messages.

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Without conferring (or even knowing who the others were),
our panel of 5 judges independently scored.
Their scores were totted up to arrive at the top scoring
following shortlist of 10 (in no particular order):

Who: Lola Brocklesby

Topic: Saturday Night At The Library

Who: Gary David Armstrong

Topic: They say you never forget a great teacher

Who: Pamela Clark

Topic: “Be More Dog” (In The Office)

Who: Samantha Bentall

Topic: Does Snacking Really Ruin Your Appetite?

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