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New Gold Member Benefit: 1-2-1 Meetings

Gold members get full access to the list of those open to 1-2-1’s. These are “moderated” to ensure good networking etiquette is followed.

Format: Zoom call

Duration: 15 minutes each to outline what you do, who you do it for, and the results you deliver for clients.

Free members can be listed, but can’t initiate moderated 1-2-1’s. Gold members get the list and can freely request.

David Taylor

“Being new to LinkedIn I needed a way to make connections easily, so I took advantage of the two free Random 11 sessions.

Since my business was also new, at least to me I didn’t have many customers up to that point either. Lockdown had made it difficult to get out to see people, so I had to explore ways of doing it online.

From the very first meeting I started making contacts who were interested in what I was doing. The format was simple, the meetings were relatively short compared to others I have heard of, and I started having one-to-one meetings with other members straightaway. It’s nice to have a full diary at the beginning of the week.

When my two free sessions were used it was an easy choice to go for the gold membership and I can honestly say I have not missed a Thursday evening meeting since. To date I have seven new customers and two new distributors from my business as a direct result of Random 11 attendance.

But it’s more than getting new customers. I enjoy attending because I get to meet new people as well as seeing some familiar faces regularly, so it is like meeting a group of friends weekly, if only for 40 minutes.

So for me the small price to pay each month is an easy decision. Not only do I get to attend the Random 11 events but I also have a prime listing on the connections page and can make an offer to the group once a week on my own offer page.

I look forward to meeting you on an event soon.”

Become A Gold Member

From £6 a week or less:

Get to attend as many Random 11 meetings as you wish – simply accept the weekly invitation and you will steadily grow your network meeting new people, and catching up with those you’ve virtually met before. At £12 for a single place, that’s worth £48 – £60 (in 5 week months)

NEW Benefit. A free place at our big monthly Zoom meeting for the whole community that non-members would pay £12 for.

Get an enhanced listing on our Connect FREE page so you appear first and before the basic listings.

Ability to create a member special offer which you can push to the community with a link to a special page on the site promoting your services – then you can take part in our special Member offer section in your WhatsApp group every Monday posting a link to your special offer.

37% Discount on our LinkedIn “Masterclass” modules such as How To Get Sales From LinkedIn For Mere Mortals.

Take part in as many 15 Day Challenges as you have time for. 

NEW – Get a weekly list of the LinkedIn profiles of all new members delivered to help you expand your network consistently

If you book each event individually, and a 15 Day Challenge, that would ordinarily cost you £75-£87 inc VAT. BUT as well as all of those other freebies, you get all of this for just £24 a month. Remember that’s LESS than £5 per event if you just view it from that perspective!

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Enter our FREE competition

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Ability to pitch up to 150 people (in full WhatsApp groups) every Friday, FREE

Yes, you get all that for free. But consider supporting us to continue supporting you, with a Silver membership AND a few handy extras.

For the equivalent of just under £3 a week your contribution will help us continue to invest and grow the community for you.

The hidden heroes who make this community work are Nadeem Ansari and his team, Eve Steadman and Sian Denny who are working behind the scenes.

They help us run Random 11, the monthly competition, and keep the site working, adding new listings, sending invitations, booking people in, co-ordinating our event hosts etc.

That small £12 monthly fee helps us make it better for you, and keep on finding new members to grow the community – people who could become your customers.

Become A Supporter And You’ll Get These Extras:

1. A place on ONE Random 11 any week you want during the month as well (value: £12)

2. You get to take part in ONE 15 Day challenge each month (value: £15)

3. You get an automatic Basic Listing on our site (without having to have 3 of your invitations accept).

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1 week


1 x instalment of £12.00

Use whenever you want – just “accept” to the weekly invite when you can attend

6 week packages

£9.60 per week

1 x instalment of £57.60

Use whenever you want – just “accept” to the weekly invite when you can attend until your 6 “credits” are finished

12 week packages

£8.40 per week

3 x monthly instalments of £33.60 each

Use whenever you want – just “accept” to the weekly invite when you can attend until your 12 “credits” are finished

Take Part In Our 15 Day Online Networking Challenge

Free once a month for all Silver members. Free as often as you like for our Gold members (and former Platinum members from the olden days when we did real world events!).

Or £15 per challenge for those who aren’t.

Get your networking really motoring with a team networking challenge over 3 weeks – 15 days, Monday to Friday.

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