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What happens next:

  1. Watch out for an invitation to a private LinkedIn group. This is where we will post the lessons each day at 6AM UK time. Don’t worry – you don’t need to be awake at that time! We post it early to give those who start the day early the chance to get learning immediately. But join whenever you like!
  2. The Target…is to work on a post in 3 parts across Monday (the beginning), Tuesday (the middle, Wednesday (the end). Each day, we will ask you to submit your idea for each part. If you want feedback and/or a critique, please publish your idea in a comment underneath that particular lesson post in the group. So, by Wednesday, you will have a post ready to go.
  3. Posting On Thursday. We will actually post as a team on Thursday – watch out for instructions about that as the week progresses.
  4. Questions. We encourage you to ask questions in two places. Firstly, in the comments section under each lesson. And it’s a good idea to read through the questions and answers of others on the course. In addition, we also create a WhatsApp group for the duration of the course – we use this to send notifications, but it’s also a place where you can ask questions and receive answers. We will ask you for your mobile number to be able to add you to this group via WhatsApp – but please feel free to message Ian Denny via LinkedIn here with your number.
  5. Live Session. Most questions can be answered this way. But if you have any other questions, send them through and we will answer them during a live Zoom session on Friday which will also be recorded for you to access if you cannot attend.

Thanks once again for booking.

We are really looking forward to getting your LinkedIn post-writing motoring at full throttle!

Pam Case

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Ian Denny

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