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  1. Important. Please add the date and time to your diary. The classes are free, but to encourage attendance, we write to those who do not attend to request a voluntary donation to our current chosen charity. 
  2. On The Day…please check your WhatsApp account for the Zoom link. We send it this way as it reduces our admin, so when when your diary reminds you, go check your WhatsApp messages – maybe even forward yourself the link by email as the event is much better viewed on a bigger screen than your mobile.
  3. This class is completely free. There is no catch. No pressure to attend further training.

…but if you do want to get a step ahead, why not try our next course right here: How To Write LinkedIn Posts That Attract The Clients You Seek

If not, until the free class, we are really looking forward to introducing you to a salesiness-free LinkedIn experience – so why not connect in the meantime on LinkedIn with your event hosts…

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