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What happens next:

  1. Watch out for an invitation to a private LinkedIn group. All of the lessons are instantly available. Just work your way through them, firing any questions to us in a WhatsApp group we will add you into.
  2. Don’t Want To Wait? Ask to join the LinkedIn group here. And hit this link to join the WhatsApp group directly.
  3. The Target…is to work on a post in 3 parts across parts 1-3. In those first 3 parts, we will ask you to submit your idea for each part. If you want feedback and/or a critique, please paste it into the WhatsApp group so myself and Pam can give you feedback as you progress.
  4. Posting. If you are not already a member, consider a 30 day trial of Linked Online. But spend a little time building relatonships first in the group before your post is published. This will maximise your chances of post support which helps persuade LinkedIn to show your post much more in the newsfeed.
  5. Questions. We encourage you to ask questions in the WhatsApp group – as many as you like. We will ask you for your mobile number to be able to add you to this group via WhatsApp – but please feel free to message Ian Denny via LinkedIn here with your number.

Thanks once again for booking.

We are really looking forward to getting your LinkedIn post-writing motoring at full throttle!

Pam Case

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Ian Denny

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