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Second Part Of Your Comment – The Invitation:

By the way, I’m attending a 40-minute Zoom full of business owners on DAY starting at TIME.

All you do is spend a minute when it’s your turn giving an example of how you helped a client.

It’s a great way of winning business – you never know someone like the client in your story may be on the call and be interested!

Fancy coming along as my guest on DAY, DATE, at TIME? Let me know and I’ll send the Zoom link.

Invite Attending Visitors To A 1-2-1 Meeting:

Hi NAME, what did you think of the meeting? I really enjoy them – it’s a fantastic networking group – nothing like it out there!

Would love to know more – perhaps even a story or two about what you do that I can maybe share if I meet the people you seek.

Worth us having a 1-2-1 so we can see if there’s common ground – people we share out stories with?

How about DAY, DATE, at TIME for a Zoom call?