Linked Online Networking and WhatsApp Group Rules


This is online networking.  It’s different. A unique blend of networking methods adding up to more than the sum of its constituent parts. It compliments real-world networking.

So, let’s be light-hearted. Have a laugh. The occasional giggle. It is though, about business and a safe space for people to get to know each other – and do a little business.

General Rules & Your Conduct For Our WhatsApp Groups, Or Related Online Networking Activities

Please don’t post anything that you wouldn’t want anyone else to see.

Foul, racist, vulgar, obscene, derogatory, antagonistic and general nuisance behaviour, be it written, via voice note or photographs/videos, or at online Zoom events will not be tolerated. It should be noted that if any such activity should happen on LinkedIn (from people inside or outside of Linked Online), that comments can be deleted from your post. Put bluntly, anyone associated with Linked Online who engages in such behaviour will be removed from the group and wider community.

That applies to the WhatsApp group, but it also applies to private messages between members.

Directly pitching people you meet from this community – through WhatsApp, SMS messages, phone calls, email, LinkedIn messages etc in an unsolicited way goes against the spirit of good networking practice.

If we hear of people doing this, we will remove that member from the community, even if they are paying member. And we will cancel all future payments.

If it happens to you, take screen shots, send it to the group admins, and we will use that as the basis of instantly terminating membership.

Don’t go all “salesy”. But let’s be reasonable about it. If you’re chatting business by all means mention what you do in context. But don’t be constantly pushing your products/services either within the group – or especially by sending unsolicited pitches to members privately.

Build rapport and trust. Business will flow more naturally as a result. If you do persist with this salesy approach, you will be removed.

Only post, upload or transmit content that is yours or that you have permission to post from the original source.

Membership in the group is subject to review and/or termination at any time, at the discretion of the creators/operators of this group.

It could take up to 48 hours for Admin to reply to any private messages sent to them. Please be patient.

Competition & Other Networking Events

The admins of the group believe in varied networking. So people who run other events and forms of online and offline networking are welcome.

However, it’s “not cricket” to criticise other’s events or use this as a forum to do so.

Similarly, many will be from the same sector – learn to get on and collaborate! An abundance mindset pays dividends. Try it!

The admins will remove anyone for not showing a supportive spirit and tolerance of others from the same sector or from other networking groups.


DO: Take part – as often as you wish. The more you put in the more you get back. Share and demonstrate your expertise – if people have a question help them, Don’t do it all for free of course, but at least guide people a little and show willing.

DO: Answer people’s questions when you can, and share/give support.

DON’T: Be that person who sends a dozen videos a day that uses up everyone’s WhatsApp storage.

DO: Keep it real. Be respectful of others always.

DON’T: Talk about religion, politics or anything else that could be considered offensive.

DO: Ask for support if you need it.

DON’T: Send unsolicited photos or videos of anything what could be considered inappropriate.

DON’T: Share any information from people (screenshots/images) that can be traceable back to an individual. Any personal information should be blanked out. (name, company, email etc)

DO: Listen to other people’s opinions respectfully.

DO: Talk about fun topics.

THINK: if someone asks for a recommendation, and you suggest someone OUTSIDE of the group when someone INSIDE the group offers that – how would that make them feel? Check first that nobody else in the group offers that service. How would you feel if it happened to you? Someone recommended an outsider when you offer that service? First ask if anyone in the group offers that before recommending – better still – invite them to the group for a trial.

Engagement “Pods”

If you don’t know what they are – skip this bit. If you do, then please understand why we don’t do that. The creators of this group have run these before. It drains the life out of you as the person running the group.

For that reason, we discourage people publishing links to social media posts as it can quickly dominate the group. There will be some occasional exceptions – notably posts promoting the community which is for everyone’s benefit may be published from time to time.

We do however have a community hashtag – this allows us to see posts from fellow members – see the daily messages for more details.


Opinions expressed in comments made by those who participate on LinkedIn Online chat groups are the personal opinions of the authors; not of the Linked Online group Admins.

Note that such personal opinions of the authors are not necessarily endorsed by Linked Online or its Admins.

Linked Online does not take responsibility for individual comments, or any advice given, professional or otherwise.

Even though we have taken every precaution to keep your information private, we are not responsible for any information that is leaked outside the group.

Termination of Membership

If any of the T&C’s are violated, Membership can be terminated with immediate effect from all of LinkedIn Online.

If your Membership is terminated, there is no obligation for the Membership to be reinstated.

The group is all about creating a positive team environment. If anyone is found making defamatory statements regarding Linked Online or any Members within it, their Membership will be revoked and in severe cases, legal action may be taken.

Linked Online Admins reserve the right to terminate any Membership at their discretion.

Confidentiality Policy

The member agrees to absolute confidentiality with respect to all information revealed to the member as part of their Membership.

Members should not post in the group any personal information or screenshots that can be easily traced to another individual.

All personal and professional information shared in the group is to remain confidential and is not to be shared externally in any form. Anyone breaching these rules will be removed immediately and may face further action.

These rules may be amended in the future if necessary. It is your responsibility to stay informed of any changes.