Soft-Launch Construction & Property Linked Online (CAPLO)…

…Want To Remain During This FREE Phase?

At Least For Now?

Do you want to take part in or remain in a unique community of construction and property professionals that is forming? It is in its soft-launch stage.

This is for people who are good at what they do. You do not even have to be comfortable with networking – the community is structured to level the playing field so people who have felt excluded before, can take their place within it because they are good at what they do.

It gives talented professionals in the world of property and construction a chance to find opportunities, work and projects they really want.

So far you have had a chat or just had invites to events. But now we want to ask if you want to remain on that list as we are reducing it down as the core of the community is now taking shape from those people who jumped in and took part.

Or, join in if you have just been asked.

Some have already seen enough and added their name to the list of our first 50 founder members.

Which means most of it is free to take part in right now. The only thing which costs because someone needs to pay for catering, people and venue costs is when we meet in-person (first soft-launch event on 28th March, Liverpool city centre).

So who do you know who are REALLY good at what they do? Architects? Tradespeople? Property experts?

There’s a core group of people already now forming. These people will become central to a community of construction and property professionals who will take part in a hybrid form of networking with some very unique differences.

To begin with, it’s based NOT on your ability to network. It’s based on your desire to find the quality work and projects you really want.

The commodity is trust. The community builds that. It has checks and balances to make sure quality people are discovered.

Yes, inevitably you will also pick up “bread and butter” work. But even if you’ve never networked, avoided it, or just don’t feel comfortable with it and are therefore excluded…

…that will change for you.

To begin with, both the online and in-person activities you can take part in were designed by an introvert.

So people who worry about tackling a crowd, or being put in the spotlight needn’t do that. The tone and style of the network is informal. So no suits required – online or offline.

This video explains precisely how that is possible:

The video outlines how we make you feel comfortable at the in-person events.

(And I promised a link in case you want to gulp and book on it while you’re feeling brave – do that here: Click Here For Next Event Details Including The Option To Book).

But that ethos is applied to the online Zoom events too. For a start – there’s NOT a huge crowd of people. Often around a dozen.

But we include 1-2-1’s in breakout rooms. And a similar structure designed to make introverts feel comfortable.

And as a recovering introvert, chat to Ian Denny about it on 07982 417610. You can ask him any questions, and he can outline how you can break into the community and feel part of it, without leaving your comfort zone.

In this week’s online event for example, two of the people taking part had just come back from a run and hadn’t changed.

And that’s perfect. It’s your ability to do a great job that is what we want to see.

It’s based on your ability to do what you’re best at. So it’s about you being good at what you do. And helping to bring people into the community who you really rate.

That’s why those who take part can self-nominate themselves. But we also want to discover who you know who are really good at what they do – and that can be a wide range of professions:

– Builders
– Architects
– Tradespeople
– Property letting agents, developers, investors, finance experts
– Commercial cleaners
– Etc

To take part in the community, the most important thing is that you have a client base which is predominantly from the Construction and Property sectors.

That means you are in a position to refer people when you spot opportunities.

So while that will mostly be those who you would class as construction or property related professionals. It will also include those who work with those people, but may not be directly property or construction.

The ability to bring business into the community is what we want from those you know.

This is NOT a breakfast network. Those have their place, and if you are part of one, you are not excluded from this – it’s NOT a structured referral network.

There are NO people locked out. No separate groups of people with “one per profession”.

There is no pressure to refer. Or an expectation to meet a quota.

And this isn’t “bashing” those groups either. They have structure. They work.

CAPLO is all about building trust in a more informal way. It does have a framework to achieve that in a way that includes everyone.

But it’s more about choosing people based on chemistry. Not feeling pressured to refer to someone just because they are in the same sub-group of people.

There are no groups. Just choice.

You decide who you like and trust.

You will choose people you prefer because you get on. And those who fret about not being the most charismatic will discover that doesn’t matter.

The formats allow everyone an equal opportunity to win that trust, without being the most charming or outgoing personality.

And if you are an extrovert, you won’t be disadvantaged. The formats are tried and tested. Extroverts and introverts alike love the structures we’ve built.

So the question is do you want to remain on the events invitation list?

Before you say yes, please consider the minimum requirement which is that you agree to be added to our WhatsApp group (there is no charge). And:

– That you agree to introduce yourself in there at least once – what you do, and which type of projects / clients you seek
– Not essential every week, but each Friday, we ask that you repeat what you do as often as you can
– The rest of the time, we have optional daily conversation topics from the world of construction and property, some business topics, and some informal topics

We have established a waiting list for our first 50 founder members. There is no obligation to join during this free period or add yourself to the list.

However those who discover they like what we’re doing, where we are headed and have vision can choose to add themselves to that list.

Once we reach our first 50 founder members, we end the soft launch period.

Those people enjoy a substantially reduced membership rate for life.

And they will also be added to our searchable membership directory and app.

After that, people are allowed to take a short, but free trial period. They will enjoy the “early adopter” membership fee.

There are 100 such places available. Again a reduced membership fee.

So, For Now, Do You Want To Register / Remain?

You Will Be Added To The WhatsApp Group For Introductions. And Continue To Receive Event Invitations

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