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5 Effective Emails Written With The Proven P.W.A.T Method To Get Your Subscribers Clicking Away And Going Wherever You Send Them… For The Price of Just 2.

Emails are hard to get right these days.

A lot of them go straight in the digital bin.

Or get left unopened like a letter gathering dust in the corner.

We all get so many that it’s almost impossible to stand out from the crowd.


Because if your emails have these 5 ingredients, they’ll get a lot more interest.

1 – From Name – hint: it doesn’t only have to say your name…

2 – Subject Line – it’s got to be short but compelling

3 – First Sentence – this does 80% of the work, and it has to be right

4 – The Body – each sentence exists to get the reader to read the next one

5 – The C.T.A. – this is copywriting speak for ‘what you want the reader to do’

But what would you use my 5 emails for, exactly?

Could be a welcome sequence for new subscribers…

Or the launch of a new offer you’re making…

Maybe you’d just like to tell a story to your subscribers, but can’t find the right words…

The choice is yours.

I just take away the burden of actually writing them out when you’ve got other things to do.

We’d have a brief chat about your goals and ideas, then I’d take that away, do my research, and write them up.

I usually charge £500 for this (£100 per email). That P.W.A.T method means they’re not just any old emails…

But because this is Linked Online, you won’t pay half that price.

You’ll only pay £200.

If interested, contact me today on WhatsApp or LinkedIn.

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