Let’s Get Much Better Off (Not Rich) Slowly – Because Overnight Success Is A Pipe Dream

I get worried when I see people offering courses promising overnight success.

Especially when the majority of people pay their money, and don’t get it ever. And especially not overnight.

It takes hard work!

But more importantly it takes time.

Now here’s the thing. Everyone IS working hard. Doing anything they can to win clients.

They’ve often tried all the “get rich quick” stuff. Or dabbled in all the marketing tick boxes we are asked to tick before the clients come flooding in.

Why Doesn’t That Stuff Happen? The Clue Is In Orange


How long does it take you to trust someone enough to give them your business?

Is it instantly? Well yes, sometimes.

You need an ink cartridge. You see someone offering them. They seem okay, you give them your business.

That’s because there’s little risk of it going wrong. And the cost is low anyway if it did – no big loss.

But when it comes to anything where the stakes are higher, trust is needed.

Has anyone yet invented an instant trust recipe? Okay, you can get testimonials. You can record videos and come across as someone people may trust to an extent. But…

There’s No Shortcut – Trust Is Earned Over TIME.

Now let’s look at the time we spend. On LinkedIn? Social media? Is every bit of that time effective in building trust?

Yes, some of it is. But alot of it is just random time spent, without a return.

And often with the wrong people.

It’s like catching fish in a forest. They aren’t actually hanging out there. But sometimes we wade into a river and dive around frantically.

Every now and again we strike lucky and catch a fish with our bare hands.

That’s because we were at least in the right place. Meanwhile, om the banks of the river, sat comfortably with a hot flask of coffee and a packed lunch is the experienced angler.

Casting his line into the right parts of the river. With the correct bait for the exact fish they wish to catch.

With bucketful of fish for supper.

It’s far more serene. It’s not frantic. It’s targeted and precise.

They have exponentially more success in the same time as the bare-handed frantic splasher, fresh from the forest, getting soaked in the river.

Myself And Pam – Recovering Trainers – Suffer From OCD

We both spent alot of time teaching people to fish. They got the theory. They got the knowledge. We critiqued a little of their work, and off they went into the real world.

So often to succeed. But some just took the “hooking the bait” part of the course. Others took the lot, and got some stuff right – such as casting your line.

And it worked. For some spectacularly.

But our OCD kicked in. We saw so many doing it right – sometimes, but not often enough. But missing bits we’d taught them.

And that’s where we decided to sit on the banks of the river with them.

And go through each and every step, with the right equipment, again and again until the fish jumps into their bucket.

You Give Someone A Fish They Eat For That Day. Coach Them To Fish, And They Live A Life Of Plenty

This is for serious people who are committed to success. It will be hard work – but NOT more hours. We will use the time you spend fishing anyway, but cast your line correctly.

It will take time. And patience.

It will also require you to STOP doing some of the things you were doing before.