Wednesday, 15th September From 6PM:

PINS Social Club

45 – 61 Duke St, Liverpool L1 5AP

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Fancy a night out? A most unusual one?

Well, we’ve got just the thing you need! Structured networking for a start. Ideal for the more reserved people as you don’t have to go tackle the crowd.

That’s how we kick things off – then you get a choice:

  • A few relaxing drinks, carry on the chats started during the networking, and have a giggle watching the games unfold

  • Or, take part! You never know, you may win one of the prizes!

SO you don’t even have to play pool. The last time these events ran, they attracted MORE non-pool players than people who wanted to take part.

Why? Because the game itself is fun to watch!

AND those who didn’t normally play soon realise it’s less about skill. It’s more about creating pacts! So once you’ve seen it in action, if the mood grabs you, join in!

Wednesday, 15th September from 6PM until you can’t take any more…

Business Networking Killer Pool For Non-Pool Players is first of all quite a mouthful.

But it says it all. For starters, people who couldn’t care less about pool will enjoy it.

First, work is the excuse. It’s a networking event. But before everyone gets a little too squiffy, we get that done and then the fun begins – whether you like pool or not.

But let’s get the excuse out of the way first – Business Networking In Post-Covid Circles Of 4:

Typically, a leader emerges from each group. Ideally someone who hasn’t “partaken” too much and can operate a stopwatch so that each person gets 1 minute to outline:

✅ What you do including the results your clients experience.

✅ The types of clients you do that for.

✅ And something that makes you proud of your business.

Then the buzzer goes. And we all move around to the next circle. We do that a few times.

Then the fun begins

…and it’s ideal for non-pool players – you can enjoy what happens when people realise how the game works…

You see it’s not normal pool. So you watch the game happen while chatting to the many others who don’t play but love a laugh.

You see it’s ideal for 5-15 players at the same time.

Really easy rules:

You get 3 lives.

When it’s your turn – you have to pot any ball (and that can include the black).

Do so, and you’re fine. Miss and you lose a life. Once you have no lives, you are out.

Prizes – for non-pool players too!

2 x £25 PINs Social Club voucher.

One is a raffle draw for everyone.

And one is for the winner of the final game.

Let’s Examine Claire’s Turn

Claire has 3 lives. But she does not have an easy shot.

So she checks who is next, deciding whether to leave Andy in a difficult position.

Meanwhile, both Sue, Dave and Daniel encourage Claire to sacrifice a life in order to potentially knock out Andy.

BUT, Zoe is quiet. Because if she encourages Claire too much, she knows Andy may make the ultimate sacrifice and leave her in a poor position too to exact his revenge!

MEANWHILE, the onlookers, enjoying a drink and a chat – perhaps continuing the networking chat – may offer the same encouragements.

Or otherwise – in defence of poor Andy – maybe even encouraging Claire to lose a life but leave Andy in a better position.

The best kept secret?

Networking works best when you get to really know people. This format combines a touch of structured networking with informal chat.

And a few giggles along the way!

Why not book your place?

Then share it with any other fun-loving networkers who want to try something completely different!

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