Peter Anderson: Mortgage Broker Wins Award Because Of A Beautifully Crafted Award Submission

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I was on a zoom call listening to Peter Anderson describe how he helped an experienced Mortgage Broker with an award submission.

It was an industry award for Later Life Mortgages. Peter crafted the application and not only was she shortlisted by the judges as a result, but she walked away with a “Highly Commended” award for most promising newcomer.

Of course she can now post that everywhere – on her website, in the press etc so it gives her that extra bit of kudos.

I thought of you as he was speaking as that sounds like a useful service – having an expert impress the judges with a well written award application.

Worth a chat to find out what awards you could enter and potentially win?

I can put him in touch if you’d like to explore – shall I do that for you?