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Special Member Rates

HR within businesses has had a rough 18 months and it’s only going to get harder as people return to work.
We like to let you focus on running your business and letting you do what you do best
We would like to become the outsourced HR team for any company in the UK but especially our linked online colleagues.
Our Member offer will be initial advice on any HR issue free of charge or a review of contracts of Employment
Not only that but any linked online members who wish to use our service will either get a 10% discount if they are larger than 10 staff OR a special rate of 150 pounds plus VAT a month for any member with upto 10 staff (instead of our usual £ 250)
for this we well do a full review of all your current documentation give you 24/7 adviceline a tribunal protection insurance a Samaritan style helpline for all your staff to use for counselling on any issues access to solicitors for any other issues if required.
so if your HR is a headache let me be your medicine.