“The LinkedIn Conversational Post Of The Month”

Anyone can be a nominator. If you felt any post you see is conversational in nature, why not nominate them?

Why do this?

Firstly, it’s nice to give someone who deserves it a compliment.

Saying to somebody you rated what they said is praise.

All you have to do is reply to whatever they said with a comment. Then add in:

I am nominating you for “The LinkedIn Conversational Post Of The Month” competition #R11NomJan21, to officially enter: You can also pay it forward by nominating chatty posts you like here:

It’s a superb way of building relationships. Conversational posts deserve such a reward. It’s helping us battle the “connect and pitch” brigade who are getting in the way of the conversations good networkers enjoy.

Use Of The HashTag

Just make sure you change the hashtag in that suggested addition to a nomination comment (it helps us validate your nominations for the free 30 day “thank you” listing – see below).

It is made up like this: #R11Nom + Month (first 3 letters) + Year

The deadline is the 15 of each month. So if today is before the 15th of the month, use the current month. If it is after that, use the next month.

For example:

So if it is the 1st-15th of January, it’s: #R11NomJan21

If it was the 16th-31st of January, it’s: #R11NomFeb21

And As A Thank You To The True Networkers Who Nominate – A Free Listing…

If you have nominated 10 or more people in any given month, get in touch and request your free 30-day listing on our site – this helps you build your network with a different breed of people – networkers. People who agree not to “connect and pitch”.

That’s because we encourage people who join our side-community of LinkedIn’ers to connect from our Connect FREE page.

Of course, you can get a permanent listing for free to if you use your unique code and share with people until 3 or more accept.

You can do that here on the Get Listed FREE page.

Nominations  Are A Compliment, But They Are Not Automatic Entries – So, What If You Want To Enter Too?

You don’t need to be nominated. You can self nominate to enter. It’s important we do that so we have the permission of the person who wrote the post.

So if you want the coverage the entries get, as well as the chance to the shortlisted to the Top 10 which go out to public vote AND of course be in with a chance of winning, why not enter one of your posts?

You can enter the competition each month – Enter For “The LinkedIn Conversational Post Of The Month” Competition Here