Nicola Richardson: How A Recruitment Company Reversed The ‘Lad Culture’


I tuned in on a Zoom call listening to Nicola Richardson talking about how she helped a recruitment business reverse the “lad culture’.

It was threatening to create a divide with the female members of the team. And he feared he would lose them and also their skills and experience.

Quite a tricky one to tackle I thought, which is why I was impressed at how she handled it. Long story short, she helped get rid of it. By showing the owner how to tackle unacceptable behaviour and unconscious bias.

He was able to implement some Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion initiatives and feel more confident about changing the culture and retaining his valued employees.

I can’t recall all the exact details now. Still, the sense of restoring his hope and creating that inclusive environment that he wanted got me thinking – maybe this could help you if you’re experiencing similar challenges with your team.

Well worth speaking to Nicola, perhaps?

Shall I put her in touch for a chat?