Nicola Richardson: Electrical Engineering Firm Owner Able To Go On Holiday Again…

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My ears pricked up when I was on a Zoom call listening to Nicola Richardson talk about how she helped the owner of an electrical engineering company.

He was trapped. His team of 5 constantly badgering him as he’d become indispensable.

Skipping to the end, he got back his freedom and the team were able to handle the work without interrupting him. He was even able to take a holiday again and get back into the gym because he was only focusing on his own work.

What she did sounded amazing – she basically got all of the processes out of his head, documented them and got the team delivering with the same quality and without his input.

I can’t recall all the details now, but the sense of freedom he got made me think this may be useful for you if you experience similar challenges?

Well worth speaking to her to find out perhaps?

Shall I put her in touch for a chat about it?