Yes, getting many more clients is great – but the journey starts by focusing JUST on potential clients YOU LIKE

Absolutely perfect for those who don’t like to dive in with a sales pitch – it’s a relationship building process FIRST, then your 1-2-1…

Telling the story of how you helped someone just like the person you are talking to in a 1-2-1 meeting has power.

I saw this exact strategy treble the sales of someone who did just that inside 3 months once upon a time in Indonesia.

Dian confessed she hated “closing a sale”. She just liked to gab and build a relationship.

I told her to focus on the hotels niche. And STOP selling, and instead tell the story of Norbert.

…she got a new lease of life.

All she did in a meeting with hotels is tell the story. Nowadays, it’s even easier with Zoom.

So how do you get in front of these people?

And how do you overcome that “I don’t like selling” barrier many have?

This is a simple, step by easy baby step method of doing just that.

Hate Lead Generation? Most Do – It’s Done For You – Bundled Into The Price

We used to teach people how to do this part too. But too many struggled.

It’s a complex method of searching and finding the people in your niche who are open to approaches. The type of people you want to meet.

And then you had to transfer their links to a spreadsheet to kick off the process of establishing the relationship.

10+ Leads Per Week Handed To You

Our super VA has been exhaustively trained to assess the criteria of the people you want to meet. Their niche. Their communication style.

It’s as easy as this:

  1. Open the sheet containing your leads

  2. Click the link direct to their LinkedIn posts page

  3. Comment

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£240 per month x 3 – get started now – your first of 3 payments (price includes VAT)

How Does It Work?

For Those Who Want Growth, Adding 1-2 Clients Per Week

This is for those who really want growth. People who want to add 1-2 clients a week (or more).

It requires time – about 2 hours a week – more at first while we get you up to speed and fully conversant with each of the steps.

This is a structured online networking process. It’s getting laser-focused on results and ensuring you take the actions required to do it.

It’s about hitting the activity targets detailed above. It’s very simple. We measure it from the beginning “input” stage – how many people are added to your list each week.

And then what happened at each stage.


This is about forming a habit – akin to learning to drive. At first, there’s a lot to take in. And it can feel clumsy getting every action co-ordinated.

That’s why we recommend you attend the weekly meeting (or tune into the recording).

It’s a 3 month programme. Everyone taking part will be in a separate WhatsApp accountability group.

You’ll be encouraged to pair up and practice your story telling with each other – so you can give each other feedback.


Membership of Linked Online (separate charge) is required as that provides the platform for success.

You must also be committed to growing your business. This is a real commitment in terms of not just the separate cost of the programme, but your time to make it happen.

The Programme

There is a gearing up period where we get the tools and resources you need set-up:

  • We get the criteria of the people you seek as clients – both personality, and the niche(s) they belong to – if you’re not sure, we’ll help you!

  • A CRM system which will track each of the actions you take

  • Ideas for how to turn the developing relationship into an invitation to join you on a Random 11

  • Standard messages you can adapt to arrange your 1-2-1’s

Gearing Up

Your “Products” and Niches. This is where we look at what you do, and who for.

Your Story. For each niche, we will help you create a story for someone you helped who matches that profile. If you do not yet have a client in target niche, consider doing a “freebie” in return for the feedback.

The story helps improve the conversions during your 1-2-1. Using a story of how you helped someone just like them, helps that potential customer picture themselves experiencing the same results.

Templates. You’re given some standard pieces of text to blend into your “comment invitations”, and afterwards, a message you can send to secure the 1-2-1.

Your CRM System. This is where our super VA will add in your 10+ weekly leads. It helps track your comments and conversions into both attendances at the event, and how many converted to 1-2-1’s and sales.

It’s an exciting process. At first, you will be learning and perfecting each step. This may even feel quite complicated – just like getting your clutch control right when learning to drive.

But soon, you will do each step automatically. It will become a good habit – dare I say it enjoyable? Especially when you start seeing your pipeline grow.

Ongoing Support. We don’t want anything to hinder your progress. So in between the 1-2-1 sessions, you will be able to pose any questions you have via WhatsApp.

Done For You – Beyond Month 3

For £120 (inc VAT) a month, you can continue to have your leads generated and remain in the accountability group.

Want To Seriously Grow Your Business? Develop A Sustainable Method Of Winning Clients Consistently?

Then enroll. And you’ll start a journey which helps you achieve just that.

Nothing In This Programme Is Fake – If You Want To Fake It Until You Make It, Look Elsewhere

It’s easy to say – “be yourself”. But harder to achieve online. We typically DO NOT act the same way online as we do in person.

But you probably are not aware of the ways in which you do this.

This programme has you acting the most natural way for you.

SPOILER ALERT: We will be avoiding pushy sales tactics!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the post-views trap on LinkedIn. A social pressure to keep coming up with good conversational posts.

You can easily become too dependent on the whims of the algorithm. Joining the chorus of rightly angry people when algorithms change and post views once more reduce.

The trend is down.

You experience almost a sense of rejection when the latest change means all that hard work you put into your posts is seen by fewer and fewer people.

It’s a battle you cannot win. You are not LinkedIn. You have no say in what they do.

One thing LinkedIn cannot change is the power of listening over talking. You all still in the driving seat when it comes to commenting.

No matter how low post views go, you can still comment.

And comments have much more power. It’s established wisdom that listening has impact. When you feel heard, you feel appreciated.

So, switching your strategy from a posting-focus to comment-led will keep you in control regardless of what they do with the algorithm.

Posting get you high volume (but decreasing) exposure, but with unpredictable results.

A commenting-focused strategy gets you lower volume, significantly higher impact, with much more predictable results when you follow our online networking process.

The Counter-Intuitive Insights Deep Down You Know Are Right

Trying to build a corporate brand on LinkedIn wastes time. When you post corporately, you are appealing to few if any real human beings.

The irony is, LinkedIn applies a spam filter to posts – and many of the corporate / salesy messages are strangled in terms of their reach through the newsfeed.

Playing it safe with business formality is quite frankly a waste of time. Astonishingly, so many continue with this – perhaps because they are ticking the social media box.

“Being You” feels dangerous. If you relax and share your thoughts like you would with a friend at a networking event, for some strange reason, many believe this will damage them online. So they choose polite blandness.

Trying to please everyone succeeds in making little if any impact on anyone.

You cannot please all of the people all of the time. And if you are lucky and do land a client this way, are they right for you? They don’t know you. You don’t know them.

Being yourself means you will not create chemistry with everyone. We have different world views and perspectives. Many will not relate to you. So you will quite deliberately “lose” those who wouldn’t have been a good client anyway.

But many will. They will be on the same page. They will be much more attracted to you and what you offer. And they will make better clients.

At the time of writing, there are 740 million LinkedIn users. So even if 50% of them don’t relate to your world view, you still have 370 million to work with.

You log in to LinkedIn. NOT as yourself. But as someone who is seeking clients.

Ask yourself this. Do the prospects you seek, want to meet those seeking their business?

The answer is quite frankly no. When you browse the newsfeed, are you really devouring those salesy posts you see, clicking “see more”, liking the post and then commenting “Please sign me up”.

More likely, you are scrolling past.

Is this for you? Who will be coaching you? And what impact do they have?

Athole Forbes

The people focused one. Technically competent, but just as likely to tell it straight to Ian as a kind of union rep for our clients when he does something too geeky she thinks they’ll hate.

Athole is an accomplished LinkedIn coach. But just before that she emerged from an escape tunnel she’d dug from the corporate world.

She has trained and coached people from all over the world.

But small business is where she has found her true home. She is a superb listener, with a focus on each individual and how she can adapt what you apply to suit who you are and how you prefer to work.

Ian Denny

The geek. Ian loves to take things apart and figure out how they work. And then put them back together again having discovered how to do it better and faster.

Often, with a spreadsheet to track it’s performance (whatever it is).

But he has on occasion been accused of being human. Which is why he chose a testimonial which proves his warmth as a retort to Athole’s geeky accusations.

Ian is a qualified marketer. His background is in copywriting which explains why he has taught thousands of people how to write posts on LinkedIn. Nowadays, while he still advocates post-writing, he urges people to look at the power of commenting within a structured framework.

Start The Journey To Winning Clients Here

£240 per month x 3 – get started now – your first of 3 payments (price includes VAT)