Why Are You Not Getting The Same Likes, Comments, Views and Business As Everyone Else?

Watch this short video. It’s a good laugh but also makes a very good point.

The answers are often so obvious we miss them.

There are SO many simple things we can do to make sure our posts start to do better.

And when your posts do better, you get more connections. You attract attention from the people you seek. You are top of mind, you stay on the radar for the next time your audience needs what you offer.

Ultimately, you get more sales.

Yes, Getting Comments On Your Posts Helps You Get Noticed…But This Is About Networking

First and foremost, don’t comment on posts that don’t resonate with you. Let’s be realistic. We don’t warm to some as much as we do others.

So let’s not be fake.

And consider what you say. Fewer, deeper comments have much more impact than frantic quantity.

But let’s go through some of the things those doing best are doing – and doing well. And also the things they are avoiding which don’t work…

But First – Just Checking

Are you using this hashtag on your posts? If you do, everyone in our community will see your posts:


Yes, great! If not, please remember so we all see what you post…back to the other stuff…

The Most Common Mistakes And Barriers To Your Success On LinkedIn

Let’s start with our 5 comment challenge.

Firstly, why bother? Well, it’s simple. When you connect to the types of clients you seek on LinkedIn, AND comment on one of their posts, that activates the bond between you.

That means your posts will be displayed to those people.

But, LinkedIn only decides to show your posts to more people if it is “lively”. In other words, it has likes and comments.

That’s where our hashtag networking comes in from two perspectives:

1) Your posts, with support from our community, will be seen by the clients you seek…because of the support you got from our community.

2) The act of commenting on the posts of others, and vice versa, others commenting on yours…is networking too! People get to know you from your comments and posts from within this community.


The BIG factors which determine your success are:

Content… because if you talk about yourself and sell in each and every post, you will get less support from both this community. And also outside of it because the LinkedIn spam filter looks for promotional language in your post and downgrades its progress.

That’s NOT saying that you should never sell. Just don’t do it as frequently.

Your support for others… this is logical. You see people supporting your posts. How do you feel when you see one of their posts? More likely to reciprocate and support them?

The biggest givers in this community are also the biggest receivers – spectacularly.

I don’t believe in embarrassing them by publishing their numbers, but all they have done is follow those two principles.

They don’t always sell, AND they support others consistently so when people see their posts, they get the support.

One of the best examples of this is the post from Pam Case – I don’t mind embarrassing her!

But her post had a huge impact both for her and Richard. Just look at the number of comments and reaction she got:

This is an excellent networking post – i.e. sparking conversations, and cementing relationships with an awful lot of people. And it resulted in two enquiries straight away for Pam with more to follow as she does her own brand of follow-up which guarantees more business.

Consider this – how simple is it to build your support in this community by merely hitting that link we post each weekday morning and supporting a few posts?

And how easy would it be to create some conversational posts so you get more support from this community and bypass the LinkedIn spam filter to be seen by those clients you seek?

Reply To Your Comments

Again, those who get the most support from this community – and also get the highest comment levels outside of it too, reply to almost all of their comments.

Why is that? Quite simply it’s polite. If someone has just answered your question at an event, would you suddenly turn away and walk off without a word?

When you reply to somebody’s comment, they get a notification and see your reply. That’s good conversation building. It builds rapport and cements you in their mind.

REMEMBER: First and foremost, this is online networking. Conversations which build rapport, resonance and ultimately the trust that leads to business.

So, try to reply to as many of your comments as you can. But not slavishly. If someone just says “Great post”, a like will do – they’ll get a notification that you’ve acknowledged them.

More insights into what works and doesn’t in terms of LinkedIn post views…

Sharing a post. Typically doesn’t work! Such as sharing a post from your company page. Or the post of another. They just don’t seem to be picked up in the newsfeed. There have been the odd exception, but reconsider if you think a shared post will be treated equally. However, if people share your post, the actual share will not do well typically, but the fact someone shared it is good algorithm brownie points for the original post.

Videos – “Native” Versus YouTube: They must be less than 10 minutes. And directly uploaded to LinkedIn rather than a YouTube link to get the best chance of travelling through the newsfeed. LinkedIn has a preference for those you upload and gives them much more freedom than videos hosted on another platform.

Links to external websites. If you include a link, LinkedIn typically restricts the growth of the post. If you do wish to link, say you’ve included a link in the comments and post it there.

Image Posts. Typically don’t do as well views-wise. But they are useful to do in order to vary your content.

And Finally, Why Not Take A Shortcut?

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