Nadeem Ansari: How A Skip Hire Company Had Their Invoices Automatically Sent Without The Need For A Book-Keeper

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Hi NAME, I was thinking of you on a Zoom call listening to a digital marketing guy, Nadeem who helped a skip hire company save time on accounting processes.

His client used to manually create invoices for all online bookings for skips. They had a bookkeeper who would come in each week and then manually create invoices for all online orders they received in that week.

What Nadeem did was to automate the website to create invoices as soon as someone made a booking online. One copy would go to the customer and the other would go to the client’s accounts department.

This reduced the amount of manual paperwork so much that now the bookkeeper only comes in every fortnight thus saving his client time and money.

Of use? Shall I put him in touch to give you some info about how he could maybe do that for you?