Nadeem Ansari: How a hair salon owner doubled their bookings inside a month

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Hi NAME, I was on a Zoom call listening to a digital marketer, Nadeem Ansari, and I thought of you.

That’s because he helped a hair and beauty business increase the number of enquiries by 100% within a month.

He built them an ecommerce website selling hair extensions. While he was building the website he noticed that his client’s Google Business Profile wasn’t set up properly

So, him and his team optimised it and within a month the client’s calls went up by 100%.

Funny enough, the client didn’t even know that Nadeem was doing this, and when he told the owner about what he had done she said that she was wondering why suddenly she was getting so many new enquiries, and gave him a hug to thank him.

I was really impressed. Well worth a chat to hear how he could maybe do the same for you?

Shall I put him in touch?