In A Few Hours Spread Over 5 Days, Achieve This…

Next Start Date: 26th April 2021

A 5-Day Programme Getting Even The Shyest Motoring On LinkedIn

Takes 30-60 minutes a day (plus access to the lessons to refer to afterwards).

NO Writing Skills Required – You Absorb The Methods To Produce Comments & Posts That Build Resonance With The Clients You Seek

Ever felt frustrated, especially in a locked down world, that everyone else seems to be thriving online?

There’s a secret, revealed on this course, which breaks down your barriers to online success. We get that out of the way on day 1!

You get that ice not just broken, but smashed forever. Then you gain confidence as we have you applying your new found confidence to a world that others may never discover (and that includes your rivals).

You’ll end the week, streets ahead of people in the same sector. You’ll be practised. And equipped to repeat everything you absorb for many years to consistently attract the clients you seek.

The Client-Winning Skills You Gain:

Discover How – Get Feedback – AND Do It For Real WITH CONFIDENCE

Things That Complement Each Other…

You want the skills AND the confidence – wouldn’t they go great together?

No more staring at a blank screen wondering what to write. Nor the worry, that’s replaced with confidence. It’s like…

Having trained thousands during the pandemic, you get access to the same secrets which unlocks your inner writer.

The journey begins with confidence. But we help you to shortcut the process with a number of techniques to get that instant inspiration.

Ever experienced a “Was That It Moment?”. When something you fretted about wasn’t as difficult or time consuming as you feared?

That’s what happens to you DURING this course. You see the light!

You are DOING all those things you never imagined you could.

And we do it for real too.

You get all the building blocks of LinkedIn success.

It’s about creating the conversations that draw a crowd. Virtually everyone, EVEN THE SHYEST, can have a conversation. Even if it’s one-to-one.

You have that ability unlocked and applied to your LinkedIn profile and posts to draw the audience you seek to you.

And you have us on hand to ask questions of and even examine your ideas and work, giving you constructive feedback BEFORE it’s posted so it’s fine-tuned.

Real Questions, From Real People…


I am NOT a writer. And I struggle to get ideas. How will this course overcome that?


This is perhaps the easiest to answer of all. Both myself and Pam have trained nearly 3,000 people now. Which is why this question is one of the first we address.

The good news is a more relaxed conversational style works best on LinkedIn. So we teach you how to unlock that hidden potential with some simple exercises that anyone can do.

Plus, you are shown how to generate dozens of ideas rather than stare at a blank screen. There are internal and external sources of ideas that can inspire you in minutes. You get taught that straight away.

More importantly, you practice it in a safe place during the course, with feedback from Pam and Ian BEFORE you post anything!


Building Resonance On LinkedIn Is A Long Game. But Is This Game Too Long For A Lot Of People?


The answer? Yes and No. It is a long and short game. It depends on the product. Lower value, simpler products have a short cycle to sales.

But then again I have seen relatively instant results on high ticket items such as coaching. It depends also on “compared to what?”. Trust is earned. Not always as instant.

And to be frank, the other determinant is tone and style. Are you being your true self?

Those who are do best in my experience. People trust you sooner. I think real world networking builds trust faster.

How long does it take to build trust? Anyone who answers that with a specific time may not be telling the truth!

Is there really is an alternative that can do it faster? You get a carefully tested resonance measuring system to apply to your LinkedIn work.

A systematic way of engaging in 14 light, moderate and higher impact resonance building activities. Sounds alot, but can be achieved rapidly using the system. Multiple fast and simple methods which mimic real world behaviours and good online networking etiquette.


What solutions do you offer for experienced LinkedIn users?


This course is the foundation course. If you feel you are getting the volume of conversations from lively posts – i.e. lots of comments, then great.

And if you are getting enquiries from an active following who comment on your posts, and you reciprocate, then you are ready for our next course:

How To Get Sales From LinkedIn For Mere Mortals

This takes you to the next level. It gives you a systematic process to convert precise, named individuals on LinkedIn into paying customers.

PLUS – you get the £150 cost of this course discounted – so if you choose to attend this course to plug those gaps, you pay £450. If not, you can skips this course and pay £600 to attend – visit the link to see it and skip this step.

Just £174

Plus 11 x monthly payments of £24

Total cost of £438 (inc VAT)