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Next Start Date: 27th April 2021

A 35-Day Programme Where You Start Applying What You Learn Instantly With Help And Support

How You Can Really Connect On LinkedIn With The Precise People You Seek,

AND Turn Them Into Clients

This is for real people who know that seeking overnight success is unrealistic.

For people who appreciate a consistent online networking process will yield steady results long term.

It’s for those who want a skill for life in the online world we now live in.

Take This 35 Day Course Sooner To Win Clients Faster – And It’s Timed To Just Take The Time You Would Spend Marketing Your Business Anyway…

Want To Be Part Of The Team Converting Relationships Into Opportunities On 31st May?

Target: Week commencing 31st May, you execute the sales conversion process with up to 50 potential clients.

Milestones / Time Commitment

Launch: 27th April 12:30 – Live (and recorded) 4 hour training course which you can replay from the menu we send when you want clarification on any of the tasks.

Ongoing Support: Team WhatsApp group opens for all participants. Ask Pam / Ian any questions. Report back when you complete tasks, or any significant wins as they happen.

Homework: To be completed by Friday 7th May.

Task 1: Optimise your LinkedIn profile. It will be getting more attention. Use the lessons and guidance. Submit for review and feedback from Pam / Ian. About 1 hour.

Task 2: Choose your preferred sales conversion process. Use the lessons and guidance. Produce your drafts. Submit for review and feedback from Pam / Ian. About 1 hour.

Task 3: Build your prospect list carefully using the guidance in the lessons. Store them in the CRM-style Online Networking Dashboard you receive which measures the resonance you build. About 2-6 hours.

15-Day Resonance Building: Starts Week Commencing 10th May. Twin strategy of applying your Gold Member resonance building system. 15-30 minutes per day, or, one or more sessions of about 1 hour during the week. Plus 1-2 hours per week using the Online Networking Dashboard to execute the prospect resonance building tasks.

Sales Conversion Process: Starts week commencing 31st May. Assess the resonance scores and history with each of the 50 prospective clients. Decide to executecontinue or delete/replace. About 2-4 hours plus follow-up.

What Do You Need To Take Part And Succeed?

You don’t need to be a great writer. Nor do you need to wonder any longer why everyone else is getting business from LinkedIn when you’re not.

You get systems to follow. Skills in post-writing – you don’t need to be Shakespeare – or wonder any longer what to say.

We show you how to get ideas for posts and structure them so they fly through the newsfeed.

It works. For some, it’s financially life-changing. Follow what we teach. Apply it using our system and it will work for you too. That’s why we offer a full 100% money-back guarantee.

What You’ll Gain In Both The 4 Hour Course, Then The “Real World” 15 Day Challenge Afterwards:

> An Easy Process for turning the time you spend on LinkedIn into clients

> Certainty you know exactly what to do each time you visit LinkedIn

> Confidence to post on LinkedIn, and the skills to draw attention from the clients you seek

> Relationship building skills that suit you and your personality

> More focus so you get more back from your time online

Discover How In Just Over 4 Hours

WITH a templated system you can work on immediately with 30 days support and an instant 15 Day Challenge to get you motoring…

This is a sustainable “system” for consistently getting results

You will see the difference immediately as your prospect list appears before your eyes. And then those people that were unreachable before on LinkedIn warms to you.

If you don’t agree after the first 4 hours that it will work for you, get your money back instantly.

If however a whole world opens up to you, stay with us – start the 15 day challenge to get launched and watch your audience mature into sales.



LinkedIn: Connecting, Commenting, Posting. The 3 cornerstones of relationship building. And the latest algorithm change means it helps you build rapport like lightning.

Networking: Group chat, connecting, inviting to join.

Your Networking Dashboard

Posts: importance of tracking

Connections: sources, type, volume

Comments: Accelerating relationship building

Outreach: Converting relationships into sales

The Essentials

Profile optimisation: Now you have the attention of your audience, how to create a profile page that converts

The Conversational Post: The art of writing posts that spark conversations with the people you seek

Networking: Finding your targets, building a supporting audience, and actually enjoying the process

The Push Post: Accelerate the relationship building process – and create algorithmic bonds between you and the clients you seek so LinkedIn does most of the work for you

How To Give Value: A PDF, a demonstration, a freebie.

The 3 Step Process: For taking warm people offline for 1-2-1 chats

Your Personal Sales Funnel: Adapting the process and tailoring it to you and your business

Lead To Business Like Nothing Else

Next Session: Tuesday, 27th April at 12:30PM GMT (UK time)

Pay in one instalment of £960 (inc VAT).

Or two instalments of £510 (inc VAT) each

Linked Online Gold Members Receive A Substantial Discount:

Pay in one instalment of £600 (inc VAT)

Or two instalments of £330 (inc VAT) each

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Best Value

Single Payment
of £960


2 x Payments of
£510 each over 2

Single Payment
of £600

2 x Payments of
£330 each over 2

The training kicks off as a “Live” event with opportunities for questions and answers.

Then afterwards, you get the full course content with the precise times of each lesson, so you can quickly revisit it and re-watch just the bits you need clarification on.

PLUS you then take part in our 15 Day challenge WhatsApp group where you can ask questions of myself and Pam.

The group will remain open for 30 days so you have plenty of time to have any questions clarified.

The Mistake You’ll No Longer Make:

Something strange happens when you log in to LinkedIn.

You have a crisis of identity. Do any of these things seem familiar?

You need business. So you become a caricature of your real self. Someone you wouldn’t be if you met a bunch of people in a crowded networking event. You sell before the small talk and relationship building.

The corporate hat. You suddenly start using jargon. And the type of language you see in a mediocre company brochure. Ask yourself if you would bother reading yawn-fodder like this?

The bright idea everyone sees through. You decide to be clever. You write about something else. But spin it into a pitch half-way through

Can You See What’s Happening?

Try turning this around. You probably see others doing these precise things, but it doesn’t register.

That’s because it’s your subconscious screening out posts like this as you scroll on by.

That’s why we teach you the art of the conversational post. This is a relationship-building skill for life in an increasingly online and connected world.

Screeching Sales Insanity
Steady Relationship Building

We are social animals. Neither you nor me can change how people act on LinkedIn.

That’s why you have to flow with our nature rather than go against it, trying to bend people to our will and what we want to happen in an instant.

Or the clients you seek just scroll, scroll, scroll…

Introducing The Art Of Turning A
Conversational LinkedIn Post Into New Client Leads

Take time out. Just over 4 hours has you producing posts. Finding the people you seek and then following a systematic relationship-building process that mirrors how we behave in the real world.

But it’s not all theory. That short course gives you everything you need for a future of consistently attracting and converting people on LinkedIn into clients.

But it’s then instant action as we put into practice everything we’ve learned, in the real world, and we work together as a team.

This course saves you wasting months and years getting nowhere.

Instead, you start attracting the clients you seek.

And you’ll get them prepared to see you (in person, on Zoom or in a call).

Yes, once you’re post writing and outreach strategy has started attracting them to you, you’ll know precisely what to do next.

So what does comes next? Well, you’ll get to find out.

Takes place on YouTube.

Settle yourself down with a paper and pen – but don’t worry too much about that. You get to see the replay too. It’s live. You can ask questions.

And it doesn’t end there – any other questions will be answered during the next month when we apply your new skills for real.

You discover:

  • How to adopt the right frame of mind

  • Why fancy words, grammar and spelling matter far less than being your true self

  • How to start a LinkedIn post that stops hundreds or even thousands of viewers in the newsfeed

  • How to keep people reading.

  • A neat trick that helps you get better results just before you post it.

  • How to end a post to spark conversations and persuade LinkedIn to show it to more people.

  • Profile optimisation – no good driving people to your profile if it’s not going to sell you

  • Commentators and Interactors – who are they and what do you do with them?

  • Hashtags for greater visibility

  • Could YOU win our “Post of the Month” competition? Or, just get the extra coverage that simply entering gives you?

  • LinkedIn strategies to help you build an audience and attract the clients you seek

Just £960.00

(Or 2 x instalments of £510 each inc VAT)

Or If You Are A Gold Member

Pay £600 In One Instalment, Or Two Instalments Of £330 Each Inc VAT

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With FULL Money-Back Guarantee

“Don’t agree it was worth every penny – claim a full refund

Next Session: Tuesday 27th April At 12:30PM GMT (UK time)

Best Value

Single Payment
of £960


2 x Payments of
£510 each over 2

Single Payment
of £600

2 x Payments of
£330 each over 2