Margo Field: New Homeowner Gets Cheapest Tariff But £50 Bonus Deduction And An Average Of £15 Per Month Extra Off Utility Bills

Hi NAME, I was on a zoom call listening to Margo describing how she helped out a new home owner, Ivy, with her utility bills.

What I thought came in handy was genuine saving anyway with the cheapest tariff, but a bonus discount of £50 which didn’t believe until she saw it taken off her bill.

What she also did was set her up with a card which gives cashback payments so when she went shopping, she also got an average £15 knocked off her bill too.

Even though this was handy to Ivy because moving house is an expensive time, anyone can pay less and do the same.

I thought it’s probably worth speaking to Margo if you fancy paying a lot less for your utilities – shall I ask her to get in touch and give you a quote for how much you’ll save?