Like To Get A Little Recognition By Being A Judge?
Here’s How We Want You To Do It…

How It Works

Registering to be a judge is easy – complete the form below
and then validate via LinkedIn.
Each month, 5 judges will be chosen at random to assess the
first shortlist of entries received that month.
Please do not reveal you are a judge. Nor will we until the
scores are in, and we have a final top 10 for the public to
vote on.
You will get an honourable mention and a link to your
LinkedIn profile on the final voting page when your identity
is revealed.

The Criteria

Each entry will be judged on a set of 7 criteria to assess its
worthiness as a conversational LinkedIn post.
For each element, you award a score out of 10:

1. The Opening. Did it intrigue you as a reader to click “see
2. The Content. The middle section in other words. Did the
post build well to maintain your attention?

3. The End. Great conversations are an exchange of ideas.
Did the post include a good question or profound
statement to inspire you to want to comment?

4. Positive Impression Of The Author. To what extent were
you left with a positive impression of the author
through their post?
5. Future Posts. To what extent would you be inclined to
read future posts by the same author in the newsfeed?
6. The Quality Of The Conversation. Did the post attract
quality reactions from the readers? It’s not about
quantity, it’s quality of interaction.
7. Overall. This is at the judges discretion. In terms of a
conversational post, award your overall marks.

You Will Only Asked To Judge
A Maximum Of Once Every 3 Months:

By registering you become a member of our judging panel.
Using the same method we apply to Random 11 Networking
events, the judges will be randomly selected from those
Once you have judged, you will not be included in the list
from which this selection is made for the subsequent 2

Like To Be A Judge? Register Here

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