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✅ Your stories into The Story Swap Vault so non-competing fellow members serving the same types of clients as you can share them.

2 x relaxed Story Sharing 40 minute Zoom networking events each week to break the ice, get on the radar, build FAMILIARITY and turn it into TRUST by regular attendance. Attend as many as you like.

✅ The Thursday mastermind Zoom session. Kick off your shoes. Digest a hot business topic. Listen in and absorb the knowledge and experience of others. Or, take part. Called to a close after 40 minutes, you are free to go – or stick around as people get into it and don’t want it to end!

✅ “The Friday Pitch” and relaxed daily conversations spark networking through the week in our WhatsApp groups

Community Hashtag Networking on LinkedIn lets you build even more FAMILIARITY and develop it into TRUST

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