Invite Your Target Potential Clients

Want the type of people featured in your story to hear it?

It’s a great way of selling without selling.

Take The 5 Invite Daily Challenge

Do this once or twice a week to attract potential clients to you. Simply copy the invite text and when you paste it, change the date to the one you are due to attend.

They get a free networking opportunity. You get a potential client. And maybe a handy bonus…

…We scrapped trials. Now, if a visitor attends, we invite them to join. If they do, you get up to £30 refunded against your monthly membership fee.

     ⬆️       First, click that (so you’re ready…)

Now you’ve copied the invite text, let’s find some people to invite.

The following are people who have posted on LinkedIn within the past week from a variety of sectors who are likely to appreciate attending networking events.

Each of these links uses search terms not often seen in dull or promotional posts. That means you see a higher percentage of more human posts that are easier to comment on.

It’s not perfect, but a little scrolling, and you may see some interesting people to comment on.

Remember, read their post and the first part of your comment should relate to what they’ve said. Put some of YOU in the first bit. Then paste your invitation text, remembering to change the day, date and time to the one you are in fact attending.


Simply send us the name and LinkedIn profile link of the person who has accepted.

We will then send them the Zoom link and know to introduce them on the call as your guest.

And if they join, we know who to issue the refund to!

Scroll Down – Try Any Link Under Each Sector – Some May Not Have Many Or Even Any – But Try On A Different Day And They Will