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Website: http://connect.linkedonline.network/upgrade/

Take This 35 Day Course Sooner To Win Clients Faster – And It’s Timed To Just Take The Time You Would Spend Marketing Your Business Anyway

Gold members get amazing value – up to 5-6 events a month, and the perfect companion to our training course:

How To Get Sales From LinkedIn For Mere Mortals

Target: Week commencing 26th April, you execute the sales conversion process with up to 50 potential clients.

Milestones / Time Commitment

Launch: 23rd March 12:30 – Live (and recorded) 4 hour training course which you can replay from the menu we send when you want clarification on any of the tasks.

Ongoing Support: Team WhatsApp group opens for all participants. Ask Pam / Ian any questions. Report back when you complete tasks, or any significant wins as they happen.

Homework: To be completed by Friday 2nd April.

Task 1: Optimise your LinkedIn profile. It will be getting more attention. Use the lessons and guidance. Submit for review and feedback from Pam / Ian. About 1 hour.

Task 2: Choose your preferred sales conversion process. Use the lessons and guidance. Produce your drafts. Submit for review and feedback from Pam / Ian. About 1 hour.

Task 3: Build your prospect list carefully using the guidance in the lessons. Store them in the CRM-style Online Networking Dashboard you receive which measures the resonance you build. About 2-6 hours.

15-Day Resonance Building: Starts Week Commencing 5th April. Twin strategy of applying your Gold Member resonance building system. 15-30 minutes per day, or, one or more sessions of about 1 hour during the week. Plus 1-2 hours per week using the Online Networking Dashboard to execute the prospect resonance building tasks.

Sales Conversion Process: Starts week commencing 26th April. Assess the resonance scores and history with each of the 50 prospective clients. Decide to execute, continue or delete/replace. About 2-4 hours plus follow-up.

What Do You Need To Take Part And Succeed?

You don’t need to be a great writer. Nor do you need to wonder any longer why everyone else is getting business from LinkedIn when you’re not.

You get systems to follow. Skills in post-writing – you don’t need to be Shakespeare – or wonder any longer what to say.

We show you how to get ideas for posts and structure them so they fly through the newsfeed.

It works. For some, it’s financially life-changing. Follow what we teach. Apply it using our system and it will work for you too. That’s why we offer a full 100% money-back guarantee.

Lockdown – The Perfect Time To Master An Online Client-Winning Skill For Life

So many people write to us after the training to report their client wins (check out the many more public testimonials we receive on our profiles).

We know this stuff works. It’s natural. Non-salesy. So even if you shy away from asking for the sale, you’ll have an individual process developed during the 34 days of the programme which suits you and your personality and style.

That’s why after the first 4 hours of the programme, you can say “this isn’t for me” and demand a full refund.

If however you stick with it, we’ll have you applying everything you learn over the following 34 days, critiquing your “homework” as you apply changes to your profile and we develop your conversion process.

It’s so simple…

You Learn How To Build The Foundation Relationships With Precisely The Clients You Seek


…You discover How To Turn Them Into Clients

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