Hywel Griffiths: Restaurant Owner Sees A 700% Increase In Footfall From Radio Ads


I was listening to a radio station owner, Hywel Griffiths, on a Zoom call and I thought of you.

He shared how Andy, a restaurant owner, approached in back in August last year and tried a 3 month ad contract. That’s shout outs, supporting his social media, sponsoring the radio’s website, and coming in to speak on air about his restaurant.

Andy reported a 700% increase in footfall to his restaurant, alot of it down to the radio association. He re-signed up this time for a year.

When he said a shout-out costs about the same as a cup of coffee, I thought that may be useful to you?

I can ask Hywell to contact you with details if you like?

Shall I do that?