Bees And What They Can Teach Us About Getting Better Construction & Property Business

The Power Of The Hive Mind

Bees. They’ve been having a bad time of late. But they are brilliant at community. Science is only just discovering how they share knowledge and act as a team. Did you know for example that scouts are sent out to check out possible locations for the next hive?

They actually discuss it through a dance believe it or not. And make a decision based on the winning recommendation.

A bit like a tendering process.

It works in humans too. If you consciously create a community with a common purpose, that teamwork can help everyone individually and collectively.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re working solo. Or if you have bid and tender writers and a big team around you.

That solopreneur could be connected with the senior decision maker on a project the larger of us can handle.

You all have connections. Clients. Experts and contractors with specialisms that you use or recommend in to projects.

As you all know, skills and people are scarcer than ever. So your regular preference may be stretched. But you still need to plug a gap in a project you’re involved in.

Equally, it’s natural for people to seek their dream projects. But working in a smaller pond, it can be difficult to unearth those opportunities.

So it makes sense to build a diverse community. People from a wide range of property and construction disciplines. That multiplies those clients and service providers you work with and know.

It means you develop a collective intelligence gathering power.

Of course, loyalty means you should stick to those you prefer to work with. Those who don’t let you down.

But they are connected too. And if they are great at what they do, why not bring them into this community?

Don’t think you’re losing them to others. Broaden your mind. When others bring in quality people from that same discipline, we have a bigger pool of available talent.

And think about it – if you bring them in, when they start to win projects they love, doesn’t that strengthen your bond?

It’s like you have your preferred tradespeople. And if they’re not available when you need them directly, or, to recommend them into a project, you go to your B list. The people who are good, but not always 100%.

Isn’t it better to have a collection of A-List people in the community to broaden your search when you need to?

What about those who are hesitant, or a touch nervous about networking?

There are lots of great, quality people. Superb at what they do. But not as outgoing. Uncomfortable when it comes to getting their name out there.

Between 25 and 40% of people consider themselves introverts. These are the talented people we never get to meet. Capable of taking on bigger and better projects.

That’s why this community has been designed to help everyone integrate.

I am that introvert. The bloke who had avoided Zoom calls. Never recorded a video. Found in the dark corners of networking events – when I could pluck up the courage to attend them.

I used to wear a suit to kind of dress up that introverted insecurity.

I have turned up at events, spotted a crowd at a bar awaiting me. Instead of opening the door and walking in, I turned around and went home.

I know how it feels. You want to break into that crowd. But you just don’t feel comfortable.

That’s why anyone who wants that starting point, I can help. For example, I can’t name names. But one of those I helped, started by stuttering a hurried 6-second introduction to their business. Then clammed up.

That’s not who she is. She now often goes over her allotted time.

She wins business now regularly through online events.

The structure of the online and in-person events is in the comfort zone of introverts. But extroverts love the structure just as much because it is designed to really build relationships.

But WITHOUT the fears and obstacles the reticent experience.

Think swimming pools. Everyone is in the pool having fun. You’re sat on the side with your toes dipped in. It’s cold. So you sit there. And sit there.

Meanwhile everyone is having fun.

Eventually, you jump in.

It’s cold. But only for a second or two. Then everything is okay.

You wonder why you wasted all that time sitting beside the pool.

That’s how the events are structured. It needs you to dive in. And that will be scary for many.

But when you get in, there’s armbands. The structure makes it easy to stay afloat while you learn to swim.

Very soon, you take off the armbands. The structure keeps it safe. But you get more confident.

We did this before. At Modo. We got up to 150 people in the room. We STOPPED the crowd. We delayed the crowd and open networking until the end.

So those who really cannot face a crowd can leave.

What happened? Most of the introverts had learned how to swim. They felt comfortable.

They stayed. Caught up with people they had chatted to earlier. And then, because they came back, they caught up with people they had met at previous events.

The key is – leaving the open bit and crowd until the end when the structure has eased everyone into the night.

In a smaller way, the online events are based on the same principles.

Do you want those dream projects and opportunities?

If you do, it starts by making us aware that you exist. And what you do.

It can begin with a short mention in the community WhatsApp group every Friday.

Better, join us on one of the online 40 minute introduction meetings on Zoom – it’s introvert friendly and you get the structure in advance so the nerves are dramatically reduced.

I have hosted hundreds of these events. And seen dozens of people start off hesitant become regulars. It’s no coincidence that they win business – not from being charming or outgoing.

They win it because they learn to be themselves. And the quality of their work starts to become apparent as their first clients share how good they were in the same community.

That’s why we recommend no suits. Both on Zoom and at the in-person events. Informality is encouraged.

Richard’s cat is renowned for turning up at the online events. So don’t worry about pets. Kids. The background. People buy you.

Lightheartedness is encouraged at all the events we do. Formality is frowned upon.

Let’s all just be ourselves. Easier said than done of course – there is that worry when you first find the courage to let down those barriers.

But it can be done. It’s easier than you think.

Start Small – Join The WhatsApp Group. And Consider An Online Event

It’s free to join either. This isn’t even diving into a cold pool. It’s dipping your toe.

In the group, you can observe for a while. And then if you are feeling it, join in.

You can also go on the invitation list for both the Online and In-Person events.

If you’re not invited, you can never join in. However, you have the option of saying “YES”.

There’s nothing to pay. To join the edge of the community. You get a feel for what it is first, and can then wait until you feel right. At least you’ll know.

Do that here:

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