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The best companion for your LinkedIn activity that you didn’t know you needed!

We help you get better results from LinkedIn.  Make the most of your profile by posting great content that gets engagement from real people.

  • Do you find it hard to create good content, that gets engagement on LinkedIn?

  • Do you long for more engagement on your posts?

  • Are you bored of automated systems that don’t work?

If so then Nexus QR8 is for you!

  • If you have listened to Ian and Pam you will already be making fantastic progress with your activities on LinkedIn BUT you can do more…

  • We have developed Nexus QR8 as a companion product for LinkedIn to help you get even more out of the time you have available to spend on the platform.  Nexus QR8 will help you focus your activity and get a better return on the time you have available.  You don’t have to take my word for it – you can try for free and only buy a subscription if you like what you see.

  • Nexus QR8 will help you find and then schedule content for posting on LinkedIn.  Via our Circles feature it will help you get engagement from friends/colleagues and people you share an interest with to help to trigger the LinkedIn algorithm.  You don’t have to spend time liking and commenting on posts that don’t interest you or with people that aren’t going to reciprocate.  Nexus QR8 will also alert you to content that is posted on the platform using a hashtag that you are following so that you can engage and connect with the author where appropriate so it also helps you to add new relevant connections too!

Not just one offer – TWO great offers for Linked Online Friends

Because we love what Ian and Pam are doing we are offering our Linked Online friends the choice of two fantastic deals:

Offer 1:  Our Nexus QR8 Pro plan is usually £29 per month (Ex VAT) but Linked Online members can get this for the same price as our Nexus QR8 Solo Plan at almost 50% discount – just £15 per month (Ex VAT) FOR LIFE with no price increases guaranteed – ever.

Offer 2:  Our Nexus QR8 Solo plan is usually £15 per month (Ex VAT) but Linked Online friends can get 20% off and pay just £12 per month (plus VAT) FOR LIFE with no price increases guaranteed – ever!

  • To take advantage of either of these amazing offer just go to and click on the “Start Your Free Trial” button top right of the website page.  Once you have entered your LinkedIn credentials you will be registered in our system for a free 1 month trial.  At any point during your trial send an email to saying “I’m a Linked Online Friend, can I have my special offer “QR8 Pro @ Solo Pro price” or “QR8 Solo with 20% off)” and we will add the relevant discount to your account within 24 hours at which point you will see the prices reduced and you can then subscribe.  If you want even better value why not take the annual Pro plan for just £150 (Ex VAT) per year or the Annual Solo plan for just £120 (Ex VAT) a year with your discount applied!

Find out more about Nexus QR8 by visiting our website at and why not start your free 1 month trial immediately (we won’t even ask you for your credit card details)!

If you have any questions just drop me an email or WhatsApp me!


Gary Littledyke

Founder – Nexus QR8