Tommy Walsh: Found A £100K Property Investor Fast Through Facebook Ads Spending Just £110

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Hi NAME, I was on a Zoom call listening to a guy called Tommy Walsh tell us how he helped a Liverpool based property broker find an investor through Facebook ads.

Really impressive which is why I thought of you. The agent wanted an investor with £100K in cash and prepared to invest within the next 30 days.

But he also wanted them to be based in Liverpool, and had done 6 or more deals like that previously.

He said he was appointed on 23rd December, started the campaign on Boxing Day, and by early January had generated 88 leads, 42 of which met the criteria he had set.

He shortlisted the 42 to 5 and sold the property around the middle of January with a total ad spend of £110.

I thought of you because that is a handy person to know should you ever need fast results like that.

Shall I put him in touch with you?