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Representatives From These Companies Already Booked & Confirmed

All My Waste Ltd, Waste Removal
Aspect Electrical Services, Electrical Contractor
Avantus Properties , Property Sourcing
Beckwith lock and safe, Locksmiths
BEST Electrical, Electrical Maintenance and Installation
Cara Brickwork Ltd, Bricklaying Contractor
CHL Finance Ltd, Mortgage and Protection Adviser
Clan Contracting Ltd, Structural Engineering Contractors
Crown Accommodation, Property Management
Galaxy Proclean, Carpet Cleaning
HCP Finance Limited, Commercial Finance
Homestyle4u, Home Staging
Horrocks Property Solutions, Property Maintenance
Host Liverpool, Serviced Apartment Management
Internal Affairs, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedroom – Supply & Fit
Joown, Property Investment
J P McPoland Ltd, Property Specialists
Kennedy Consulting, Construction Recruitment Specialists
Lightwater TPC, Independent chartered town planning consultant
Linear Property CGI, Property CGI
Locksafe Locksmiths Liverpool, Locksmith
Mick Ryan Photography, Construction & Property Photography
Mr Ohms Ltd, Electrical Wholesalers
Mulally Electrical Contractors Ltd, Electrician
Novus Construction Management Ltd, Quantity Surveying, Project and Construction Management
NW Fire Solutions, Fire safety surveys, assessments, and training
Octave Design Services Ltd, Building Services Consulting Engineers
Peacock Stevens, Building Surveyor
Peninsular Acoustics, Building Acoustics
Rooms4U, Lettings
S&K Brickwork, Brickwork
SMARTstrat, Property Maintenance
theproperty4U, Lettings
The Safety Team, Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner
Time 54 Construction Marketing, Construction Marketing
Uniquo Construction, Construction

For Those In Construction & Property

Re-Launch Event: 6PM, Tuesday 28th March

Where: The Casa, 29 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BP
Price: Founder Members, FREE, everyone else, £20

Introvert-Friendly Networking Format

Hate walking into a crowded networking event? No need. The first person to arrive is invited to grab a drink and take a seat.

And when the chip butties and curry are served – help yourself – and don’t be shy. Dipping your butty into your curry has been declared culturally acceptable at this event.

The second person to arrive is then seated with them for an instant 1-2-1 chat.

The 3rd and 4th person, 5th and 6th person etc are similarly matched. So nobody has to tackle a crowd. So, it begins with mass one-to-one chats.

But for all you extroverts, there’s open networking at the end – that gives us introverts a choice – stick around if we have warmed up and want to continue any chats that were started.

Or dive head-first for the exit having had some decent networking, with a structure that helps us more reserved people feel more at ease.

This is a table-based format – 4-6 people to a table settled down to listen to our guest speaker who will end their talk by posing a discussion topic for you all to tackle.

Again, this doesn’t impact the extroverts. But it does mean us shyer people have something to talk about so we’re not nervously wondering what to say.

After the discussion, the host will invite each person in turn on each table to briefly introduce yourself, what you do, types of projects you are doing/seek and the type of clients you look out for.

Time allowing, we’ll swap people around and go again.

And then it’s on to open networking, perhaps a drink or two more. The last person there turns off the light.

Refunds / Cancellations

It’s a catered event. Which means there are no refunds for last minute cancellations. However, the events are booked for the last Tuesday of every month.
So, if we receive notification you wish to cancel by 5PM on the preceding Friday (4 days before the event), then we will either retain your payment as a credit on future attendance or issue a full refund.

About The Food

Firstly, it’s brought to you courtesy of our wonderful food sponsor Chris Kennedy of Kennedy Consulting Services.

Downtown In Business Recruitment Consultant Of The Year 2022, Chris eases those project headaches with temporary and permanent staffing provision.

With a loyal client base, Chris helps a variety of companies in Construction, Civil Engineering, Demolition, Technical Services, Security, Logistics, Transport, Cleaning, Catering, Hospitality, Healthcare and Events.

The Humble Chip Butty, Balanced With An Exotic Vietnamese Chicken Or Vegetarian Curry

Can you almost smell the aroma of the legendary chip butty blending with the salt and vinegar? The butter having oozed into the very essence of the butty as the hot chips take their place?

Then there’s the big question – is it polite to dip your chip butty into your curry?

Will we feel social anxiety that we’re being judged?

Or should we all agree in advance that it’s perfectly acceptable for those who do?

That’s the backdrop for a superb night of networking. A delicious bite to eat.

Liverpool’s adopted scouser, Vietnamese chef Bau Bui will be preparing and serving up a delicious Vietnamese Chicken and Vegetarian curry.

With a hint of sweetness, it has a little spiciness, but more on the warm than hot end of the curry specturm.

A blend of cultures – the famous chip butty with a touch of exotic Vietnamese cuisine to kick your night off.

Our Guest Speaker – And Conversation Starter

Every month, you’ll get to hear a guest speaker with an educational topic from the world of construction or property. Or, a good general business topic.

Our guests are asked NOT to pitch what they do. But we will tell you all about them or invite them to do so briefly after their talk.

Related to the subject of their talk, they will suggest a discussion topic or pose a question for you to all tackle on your tables.

This helps break the ice. And it can be a lifesaver for the more reserved as they will have had some inspiration and thoughts about the topic just raised.

It’s a great platform to relax everyone before the structured networking kicks off.

A Real-Life Victor Kiam…He Liked The Radio Station So Much He Bought It
A talk on the power of saying YES

Hywel Griffiths, recently turned 70, couldn’t care less about retirement. His Dad, still doing bike rides to fund raise in his mid 90’s didn’t retire until he was 88.

He’s had a colourful working life, globe-trotting around the world and in particular the middle east.

More recently, he’s been helping businesses transform as a coach. Helping them raise funding. Sometimes turning them around from the precipice.

He advocates saying “YES” to opportunity. His daughter, rising star Jemzilla (listen to her on Spotify here), has recently released her first single.

So Hywel has been schmoozing with radio stations and helping her get some air time. In one such conversation with Fylde Coast Radio, the guy he was speaking to said “You’ve got a great voice – have you ever considered presenting on the radio?”

And Hywel had! But hadn’t expected to ever get the opportunity.

So what did he say? No prizes for guessing he said a big fat YES.

And so began his journey as a radio presenter learning how to spin those decks.

And then he discovered the station was up for sale. Guess what he did next?

Hywel, as you can see, spelt with a single “L” is one “L” of a guy.

You’ll warm to him. Be inspired. The perfect guest speaker to help us launch our in-person events.

A Blast From The Past

A 30 second peak at what we used to do. The venue and structure may have changed, but the great construction and property people haven’t…

How We Relax Construction & Property Introverts – WITHOUT Alienating The Extroverts

Too many people don’t even book on networking events. They hate the crowd. So figure out how we magically got rid of it.

FREE For Founder Members (Join Below) Or £20 Per Person

Pre-Booking is required. You save £5 on the usual price by pre-booking. We do not have a card facility, so if you arrive without pre-booking, it is a payment of £25 in cash (subject to seating availability). So why not secure your place now:

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Build Your Construction & Property Network As A Founding Member Of The Community

Reduced from £99 to just £42 per month for the first 50 people to join (price includes VAT)

Weekly Online Events

Just 40 minutes long, each person gets about a minute to briefly outline what they do, the projects they seek, and the type of clients they’d like to meet.


Monthly “Chip Butty & Curry” In-Person Networking Event

Starting in Liverpool city centre, this monthly event, hosted by Pam Case, gets you chatting in the flesh.

Using a tried and tested format, it kicks off with food and maybe a glass or two of whatever you like in a central Liverpool city centre venue (the food is included!).

Guest speakers and round-robin 1-2-1 chats as well as open networking, the chats can continue after the formal session is finished for those who fancy sticking around.

A Handy Mobile App Bringing It All Together

Starting with the events, get the latest list of upcoming events and book on as many as you like as one of our Founder Members.

Got a project you want to find a partner to tender with? Post a bulletin on the home page.

Need to find a fellow member? Search the members directory.

And most importantly, develop those relationships. The app lets you book a 1-2-1 either online or in-person.

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Build Your Construction & Property Network As A Founding Member Of The Community

Reduced from £99 to just £42 per month for the first 50 people to join (price includes VAT)