You’ve Been Invited As A Guest Of [NAME] To Attend:

Event: Random 11, via Zoom on [Date] at [Time]

Duration: 40 minutes

What happens and why is it free?

Born of the pandemic, it’s a cocktail of online networking methods with the sole aim of winning you business without the pushiness.

[NAME], a small group of others, and you, will take part in a relaxed and informal Zoom meeting.

Very simple format. The host screen shares and displays each person’s LinkedIn profile as they are invited to share what it is they do and the clients they seek.

They highlight the relevant parts of your profile as you speak before it moves to the next person.

After it concludes, you get the LinkedIn profile links of everyone who attended and are encouraged to connect.

It works to win because it’s a community of people who tried it first then decided to stay. People who get the power of genty building trust as the most solid foundation for business to transact.

It’s a win-win. We have the pleasure of your company for this event. You have an opportunity to see if you like it.

Even if you wanted to join immediately and become a fully fledged member afterwards, that’s not what we do.

The community works because it’s people who themselves chose to join without pressure. Which is why you will be offered a FREE 30 day trial to test out as many events as you like.

Only then will you be asked it you want to stay. No credit card details are requested to take the trial and NO funny business.

So  you can do the same as [NAME] before they joined – try it out without cost or any obligation.

Ask yourself – would you do business with someone you don’t yet trust?

That’s the focus – a multi-platform community where trust develops, and then people inter-trade.

Get Dozens And Connections, And Maybe Even A Client Or Two…

Business is won when trust develops.

So you meet some of the same people many times in thrice weekly Zoom meetings – attend as few or as many as you like.

It’s a welcoming community, so you can attend just one, or, be our guest for 30 days. A win-win. We have the pleasure of your company for about a month.

You meet potentially dozens of people who will become LinkedIn connections you have seen and heard speak, and maybe buy from you even.

…regardless of whether you stay with us and become a paid member (which is just £24 a month if you decide to)

Why Is There No Pressure To Join? What’s The Catch?

This is about community. Those who like the formats and enjoy it make the best members. So it makes sense to simply give you the 30 days free to try it out.

That’s why there’s no tricks such as taking credit card details in advance.

When your trial is up, you get a message asking if you’d like to stay – that’s it.

If you do, sign up on our upgrade page.

If you don’t, we’ve appreciated you being with us as our guest.

With Nothing To Lose, Why Not Register For This Event?

Or Also Take The 30 Day Trial?