Your Networking Dashboard

Want To Get Results From Networking?

Take any of these actions to sow those seeds, develop relationships and get noticed:

LinkedIn 15 Minute Networking

A regular or daily task which has you building relationships with Potential Clients, Synergy Non-Competitors or People You Like

Pay It Forward And Compliment People With A Nomination

More than 70% of people you compliment with a nomination with thank you – takes seconds, builds rapport instantly

Learn The Art Of Writing And Converting Conversational LinkedIn Posts Into Client Leads 

In just over 1 hour, learn the skills which helps you attract the audience you seek with posts that grab much more attention in the newsfeed…and then convert them into interest.

Take The 15 Day Challenge

15 minutes a day – get into the networking discipline in a fun 15 day challenge which is a networking opportunity in itself – can you guess how many people take part? Yes, it’s 15.