Thank You For Joining The Coaching Programme – Let’s Get Started!

Let’s get started!

Now you’ve booked, we’ll be notified. We’ll be in touch with you to arrange the next step – a 1-2-1 meeting between us.

During this call, we will identify your target customers and define who will be part of the 400 potential targets we will build a relationship with during this programme.

Of course we will NOT be waiting 9 months to start the conversion process to gain clients – that will start as soon as each contact reaches a level of “resonance” which means it’s appropriate to execute that process.

And that process is different for each individual.

You will also automatically be enrolled (if you’re not already) into a free 30 day trial of the Linked Online community.

This will support your relationship building process with those potential clients you seek.

When others comment on your posts, it persuades LinkedIn to show it to more of those people you are interacting with – your prospective clients.

Plus, you may well find potential clients within the same community – and inter-trading is one of the quite handy side effects of being in it.

Your 30 Days Of Free Online Networking:

Get to meet hundreds of people from your sofa! Choose to attend around a dozen events, learn what “hashtag networking” is, get connected on LinkedIn with lots of potential clients.

You see we do it different.

We meet first, then connect!


Full details here:

FREE 30 Day Trial – Choose As Many As You Like From Around 12 Events To Sample

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