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£240 per month (9 month programme)

How Does It Work?

The goal is simple – create 400+ warmed up prospects – with some of them already becoming clients – within 9 months

The fantastic news is that even if you are uncomfortable with sales, this system will get you in a comfort zone rapidly.

You see most of what we do IS NOT pushy. In fact, sometimes, prospects will approach you.

You do it all during the programme, then you “graduate” and can choose – continue to grow and win clients. Or, stop at your chosen limit for the number of clients you can handle.

It’s 9 months for a simple law of human nature.

People buy once trust is established.

The question is, how long does trust take?

And if you want real, sustainable results, this is the steady short-cut to achieving that.

It’s a marathon. And those that start out at the correct pace not only last the distance. They win.

Compare this to what most do – they sprint. They want sales now. They believe you can short-cut relationship building.

They believe trust should be thrust upon people.

It doesn’t work like that.

The shotgun approach of “connect and pitch” is proven not to work. Even if you got 1 or 2 enquiries out of every few hundred messages you blast out, they’re usually lukewarm interest at best.

Meanwhile, you have blown the chance of making a positive first impression with the rest. People who may have become clients if you’d chosen the natural path toward relationship building.

Nothing In This Programme Is Fake – If You Want To Fake It Until You Make It, Look Elsewhere

It’s easy to say – “be yourself”. But harder to achieve online. We typically DO NOT act the same way online as we do in person.

But you probably are not aware of the ways in which you do this.

This programme has you acting the most natural way for you.

SPOILER ALERT: We will be avoiding pushy sales tactics!

The Counter-Intuitive Insights Deep Down You Know Are Right

Trying to build a corporate brand on LinkedIn wastes time. When you post corporately, you are appealing to few if any real human beings.

The irony is, LinkedIn applies a spam filter to posts – and many of the corporate / salesy messages are strangled in terms of their reach through the newsfeed.

Playing it safe with business formality is quite frankly a waste of time. Astonishingly, so many continue with this – perhaps because they are ticking the social media box.

“Being You” feels dangerous. If you relax and share your thoughts like you would with a friend at a networking event, for some strange reason, many believe this will damage them online. So they choose polite blandness.

Trying to please everyone succeeds in making little if any impact on anyone.

You cannot please all of the people all of the time. And if you are lucky and do land a client this way, are they right for you? They don’t know you. You don’t know them.

Being yourself means you will not create chemistry with everyone. We have different world views and perspectives. Many will not relate to you. So you will quite deliberately “lose” those who wouldn’t have been a good client anyway.

But many will. They will be on the same page. They will be much more attracted to you and what you offer. And they will make better clients.

At the time of writing, there are 740 million LinkedIn users. So even if 50% of them don’t relate to your world view, you still have 370 million to work with.

You log in to LinkedIn. NOT as yourself. But as someone who is seeking clients.

Ask yourself this. Do the prospects you seek, want to meet those seeking their business?

The answer is quite frankly no. When you browse the newsfeed, are you really devouring those salesy posts you see, clicking “see more”, liking the post and then commenting “Please sign me up”.

More likely, you are scrolling past.

Unless you see a post from someone you already trust. Someone you know who delivers. And then, you may well click “see more” and take it further.

Is this for you? See what others say about the impact you too could experience:

“40,000 views, 600 Likes, 100 Comments, 12 Shares, 7 Leads, Zero Advertising – All From One Post

Rozita Ahmad, Digital Marketer, Singapore

The Detail – What Happens, What Do You Get?

Skills, Action And Feedback

Wouldn’t it be great if the teacher did your homework?

That’s what we do – but only after you’ve had an attempt yourself after you’re taught how.

Your goal is to make us redundant.

On LinkedIn this applies to:

Your profile – the headline, banner, “About” and “Featured” sections – you’re taught what to do, go away and draft it, then show us – we won’t mark your homework, you’ll have it tweaked and improved ready to go live.

Your posts – you will learn 9 types of post starting with the “base sauce” – the conversational post.

And in each instance, you’ll get feedback BEFORE you post – that will include tweaks to the post to make sure it’s the best it can be.

Your comments – yes, commenting is a skill too! So you’ll get feedback on how well you are doing in terms of quality and content.

Researching – finding the precise ideal prospects is an art and science. Your time is valuable. So identifying the ideal prospects who are most likely to convert is key.


But we spoil things a little! If you have been actively posting, your list will begin with a number of “suspects”.

These are the people who have been commenting on your last 100 posts.

Yes, we will grab them all and add them to your list.

Your goal is to profile them. Are they an active poster? Are they in your target sector? Do you like them from the content they produce?

Once those are answered, you have a head start which will get you a few weeks ahead on your target.

The CRM System And Background Work

Your CRM system will be pre-populated with commenters if you have been actively posting and generating conversations.

If not, don’t worry! You will soon be getting comments with your new found skills to produce posts that create those conversations.

But it begins with a 1-2-1 coaching session on how to work the system and get started.

Your Unique Sales Conversion Process

This will be adapted to YOU and your style. It has to be unique anyway because each person’s business and what they want is different.

For example, if you are only looking for clients local to you, you may prefer this process to end with an agreement to meet for a coffee.

Conversely, if you can handle prospects nationally or internationally, a Zoom call may be the ideal starting point.

Either way, we will work on that process so you are ready to start converting.

Milestones & Weekly Targets

Milestones relate to key skills and one-off tasks you will have conquered and now have in your armoury. These include:

  • Profile Completion

  • Conversational Post – Course Completion

  • Specialist Post Course Completions (8 more of them)

  • Completion of Target Prospect Profiling Criteria

  • Completion Of Sales Conversion Process

Then there are weekly target and specialist goals. For everyone this will include:

  • Weekly – Adding new target prospect connections to your prospecting list – 10-15 recommended per week

  • Weekly – Commenting on the posts of your prospects. At the beginning, you will be required to comment on ALL of your list. But as time progresses and your list grows, this will change to fortnightly, then every 3 weeks, then monthly etc

This is central to your success in generating sales.

Not every prospect will convert, so you need a good foundation number to get the sales levels your business needs.

It also means as you lose prospects (you change your mind about whether you like them, or, you receive a definitive rejection), then you need to top it up. So, to reach 400 by the end of the programme, we will be keeping tabs.

So if your weekly rate is 10-15, and say you lose 10 from your list that week, the target for the following week will increase by that amount.

Beyond these core weekly goals, we may also suggest specialist goals for each individual:

This could include a repackaging of your offering. Perhaps even adaptations on your website to aid conversions.

Or it could include a specialist task and goals such as a monthly push-post (detailed in the programme) to a specialist sector you want to unlock.

Group And Ad Hoc Sessions

We will have a regular monthly group session to all people currently live on the programme.

However, we will also arrange occasional ad hoc group sessions to cover any changes on LinkedIn, or for example common questions we receive that perhaps need more clarification.

Ad hoc 1-2-1 sessions will also be arranged on an individual basis when we need to address any specific issues, or change strategy.

You will be named and famed each week should you self-declare you’ve hit your agreed targets.

This adds accountability.

No, we will NOT name and shame. Instead we will celebrate each success along the path, whether that’s ticking off a milestone achievement or hitting a weekly goal.

Throughout, our coaches will be on hand to check in on you.

A common fear is starting the sales conversion process. That’s nothing to be ashamed of – it’s one of the most common fears we have seen in our training and coaching.

That’s where we are on hand to talk about that – sometimes specific examples so we can help you adapt the approach, or quite simply to give you the confidence to proceed.

Start The Journey To Winning Clients Here

£240 per month (9 month programme)