Name one business owner that didn’t gulp at some point?

Join (it’s free, below) a group of like minded souls ending the loneliness and isolation of being in business.

You agree to connect.

NOT connect and pitch.

You agree to support and be supported.

Linked Online WhatsApp Groups

Connect, converse, network:

…In Whatsapp groups through real-time conversation.


…On the site – get listed and connect on LinkedIn.

…In Random 11 events.

…By posting on LinkedIn with the hashtag – and by entering the monthly LinkedIn Conversational Post Of The Month competition.

…by judging the monthly competition – anyone can judge if a post is conversational

WhatsApp groups. A safe place to chat and find your tribe. A place to observe.

A place to share your expertise and position yourself as an expert in your field.

A place so be sociable. Ditch the corporate speak.

The rules.

Do not:

Pitch – except on Fridays.

Connect on LinkedIn and pitch.

Directly solicit business in personal messages.

Post anything inappropriate.

Be inappropriate.

Post links to LinkedIn posts.

Be corporate



Socialise – be non-corporate – speak like a real person.

Take part – choose to be active in the groups, in the weekly events, in the monthly social, on LinkedIn (hashtag posting and connecting), by entering the conversational post competition

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