The 15 Day, 15 Minute Daily Networking Challenge

15 people. 15 minutes per day. £15 only to take part.

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If however you are a current member, please join the waiting room for the challenge here. This takes you to our WhatsApp Challenge group waiting room. In there, you will be invited to confirm you have read the details of the challenge (below) and needs you to say “Yes”.

What Is It All About?

You commit to 15 minutes per day online LinkedIn networking. We’ll show you how.

You commit to doing this for 15 days – Monday to Friday over 3 weeks.

You commit to posting 15 conversational posts (and hashtagging them). One on each day of the challenge.

It is open to 15 people – as soon as the 15th person joins, it’s closed. And it begins the following Monday.

There’s an expiring 15-day WhatsApp group – we ask you to share what happens in that group.

There’s Targets – But They’re To Benefit You, And You Alone

Your target is to find, and comment on the posts of 15 people from each of these categories:

  1. Potential Clients

  2. Synergy Non-Competitors

  3. People You Like

This is private and confidential to you.

The Practicalities – It’s Easy.

Do you have a blank piece of paper. And a pen.

Congratulations! You qualify and can take part.

On your piece of paper, have 3 columns numbered 1 to 15 for each of those types of people.

People CANNOT be in more than 1 column.

You will know who you like. You will (I hope!) know who could be a potential client. But do you know who a synergy non-competitor is?

Find out – read their profile – ask them in a comment on one of their posts: “It’s a great point Sue and I agree. I’m curious, what type of clients do you look for?”

You may also wish to separately create a Word document and list them all – purely so that next to their name, you can paste a link to their LinkedIn profile. You may wish to visit them again…

Watch Then What Happens On LinkedIn…

Browse the newsfeed. Each time you see a post from that person WITHOUT using the hashtags, on your piece of paper, put a mark next to their name.

Use the LinkedIn 15 Minute Networking method to find people posting from our community

Keep that paper near your screen. If you’re browsing on your phone, find your piece of paper.

And why not comment on their post again – even if it is outside of your allotted 15 minutes of networking.


This takes commitment. Write those conversational posts and post them each day.

REMEMBER: Hashtag your posts so they are found by the rest of the community.

If it is before the 15th of the month it is the current month hashtag. After the 15th, it is for the next month to fit in with our post writing competition

For example:

Before 15th November: #R11Nov20

After 15th November (For December): #R11Dec20

This is like most things in life. It gets easier the more you do it. For many, it eventually only takes about 15 minutes to write a chatty post.

So by committing, you will improve!

For those who are interested, but that puts them off – consider attending our next course:

The Art Of Turning Conversational LinkedIn Posts Into Client Leads

It’s Also A Great Networking Opportunity

Over 3 weeks, all we ask is that you report back in the WhatsApp group.

“Done my 15 minutes”

“Found my 15 potential clients”

“Posted my daily post”

“Starting to see more and more posts from those I have commented on in the newsfeed”

There’s only 1 thing we do not want to see – your post links. This is about building positive habits.