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Gain That Skill For Life – Only £96 inc VAT:

Or, Easier On The Pocket, 2 x £54 Instalments

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Blank screen? Don’t know what to write? You are given a toolkit of methods which have you generating post ideas with ease – a WHOPPING 174 prompts to give you inspiration. Just glance at a few to spark ideas fast.

Don’t class yourself as a writer? Worry not, you are shown how to structure your post so it appeals in the newsfeed, attracting the views you want from the clients you seek.

Broken down into bite-sized lessons, so you can still get your work done while at the same time gaining a skill for life whenever you wish to take the next batch of learning

Easy “homework” and feedback to tweak and improve your post, before you post for real on LinkedIn.

Stop wasting time scrolling or posting stuff that captures the attention of next to no-one. START writing in a way that resonates with your audience, gets seen by more people and ends up attracting new clients to you.

“40,000 views, 600 Likes, 100 Comments, 12 Shares, 7 Leads, Zero Advertising – All From One Post

Rozita Ahmad, Digital Marketer, Singapore

Gain That Skill For Life – Only £96 inc VAT:

Or, Easier On The Pocket, 2 x £54 Instalments

…£54 inc VAT Now, And £54 In A Month:

“Give someone a fish, they eat for a day…


“Teach them to fish, they never starve.”

Makes sense yes?

But let’s twist that analogy a little. And apply it to what happens on LinkedIn.

Picture a market square.

Hundreds of people.

Stood on soapboxes. Shouting:

“Buy my fish now”.

Quite simply, the people who fail on LinkedIn do this too much.

Now imagine a networking event.

Groups of people chatting. You’re in one of those groups. NOT selling.

Instead you’re starting conversations. And listening too when people reply.

What’s actually happening is you’re building relationships.

Some of those people will ask for your business card.

Some will ask for a price for what you do. Maybe not the first time you meet. But over time.

The same strategy works like a dream on LinkedIn.

The big difference is, if you know how, you can decide who listens to you.

And start the conversations that draw a crowd.

And instead of just random people at an event. You draw the specific clients you seek into your world.

You build relationships in the same way.

At the centre is a specific skill.

The ability to produce LinkedIn posts that spark conversations.

Where post writing fits into your success on LinkedIn…in 61 seconds

What’s On The Course. And What People Say:

“Post views normally low, but this one nearly 2,000, amazing as I only have 200 followers. Absolutely 100% recommend this course.  Had business within a week, definitely a thumbs up”

Amanda Martin, Weight Loss Consultant, UK

“I thought the style of the course and the way it was delivered was perfect for my method of learning.  my last post that I published 2 days ago has already had 110,000 views

Terry McCreith, Facilities Management, UK

“The post I did before the modules, I had 36 views. After the post we produced during the course, there were 1,852 views. So yes, I 100% would recommend doing this LinkedIn course”

Erica Wallace, Cosmetics, Scotland

“The structural elements of this course were fantastic. My average has improved 800 to 2000 views.”

Gill McKay, Neuroscience Trainer, UK

How Does The Course Work?

Well to begin with it is all done online.

Each part contains a main bite-sized video lesson, no more than 10 minutes each. These are posted in a private LinkedIn group. Plus bonus lessons and downloads to broaden out into LinkedIn strategies to complement post-writing.

Why in a group post?

Quite simply to make it easily accessible on LinkedIn and in your shortcuts to access it again at any time.

Then there are bonus lessons you can watch and act on if you have more time and are keen to learn more.

You can ask questions at any time. You’re given our WhatsApp accounts – just fire off your question or completed work to get feedback.

Join Us On 12th July – Book Here:

Gain That Skill For Life – Only £96 inc VAT:

Or, Easier On The Pocket, 2 x £54 Instalments

…£54 inc VAT Now, And £54 In A Month:

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