The Art Of Turning Conversational LinkedIn Posts Into Client Leads

(Even if you think you can’t write, or even if you can, this is for you…)

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Conversational LinkedIn Posts

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And the good news? Whether you’ve already learned the art of the conversational post or not – literally anyone and everyone can do this.

You see something strange happens to most when you log in to LinkedIn.

You have a crisis of identity. Do any of these things seem familiar?

You need business. So you become a caricature of your real self. Someone you wouldn’t be if you met a bunch of people in
a crowded networking event. You sell before the small talk and relationship building.

The corporate hat. You suddenly start using jargon. And the type of language you see in a mediocre company brochure. Ask
yourself if you would bother reading yawn-fodder like this?

The bright idea everyone sees through. You decide to be clever. You write about something else. But spin it into a pitch half-way through.

Can You See What’s Happening?

Try turning this around. You probably see others doing these precise things, but it doesn’t register.

That’s because it’s your subconscious screening out posts like this as you scroll on by.

Screeching Sales Insanity
Steady Relationship Building

We are social animals. Neither you nor me can change how people act on LinkedIn.

That’s why you have to flow with our nature rather than go against it, trying to bend people to our will and what we want to happen in an instant.

Or the clients you seek just scroll, scroll, scroll…

Introducing The Art Of Turning A
Conversational LinkedIn Post Into New Client Leads

Take time out. Just over 1 hour has you doing this. That single hour will save you wasting months and years getting nowhere.

Instead, you start attracting the clients you seek.

And you’ll get them prepared to see you (in person, on Zoom or in a call).

Yes, once you’re post writing has started attracting them to you, you’ll know precisely what to do next.

So what does comes next? Well, you’ll get to find out.

Takes place on YouTube.

Settle yourself down with a paper and pen – but don’t worry too much about that. You get to see the replay too. It’s live. You can ask questions.

You discover:

  • How to adopt the right frame of mind

  • Why fancy words, grammar and spelling matter far less than being your true self

  • How to start a LinkedIn post which stops hundreds or even thousands of viewers in the newsfeed

  • How to keep people reading.

  • A neat trick which helps you get better results, just before you post it.

  • How to end a post to spark conversations and persuade LinkedIn to show it to more people.

  • Profile optimisation – no good driving people to your profile if it’s not going to sell you

  • Commentators and Interactors – what are they and what do you do with them?

  • Hashtags for greater visibility

  • Could YOU win our “Post of the Month” competition? Or, just get the extra coverage that simply entering gives you?

  • LinkedIn strategies to help you build an audience and attract the clients you seek

Just £79.86

(Or 3 x instalments of £30)

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Next Session: Tuesday 1st December 5PM GMT (UK time)

Best Value

Single Payment
of £79.86


3 x Payments of
£30 each over 3