Andrew Greenhalgh: Hypnotherapist Wins More Clients By Having A Former Journalist Write Jump-Off-The-Page Blog & Social Media Content

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Hi NAME, I was thinking of you on a Zoom call when a guy called Andrew Greenhalgh was talking about a hypnotherapist he worked with. Impressive!

The hypnotherapist wanted to show all the different issues hypnotherapy can help with and thought articles on the website would help, but never got around to writing them.

She gives him subjects to write on and then he does some research and comes up with a blog which she can use on her site and her social media too. She loves them, but I thought of you mostly when he revealed it’s helping her bring in more clients.

I thought that if Andrew could do that for her, he could help you too?

Shall I ask him to get in touch so you can have a chat?