About Us

Confession Time!

You are so lucky to be arriving here now.

We made so many mistakes getting to this point – so you don’t have to suffer those. Instead you can just benefit.

After a catalogue of mistakes, there are lessons in this here frank admission for you all! It started out as a joke. A networking group called “LinkedIn Shenanigans”.

First big mistake!!!

No rules. It’s astonishing what people post! But people bought from each other.

Version 2. We thought, instead of international, let’s make it local. A few rules to stop the inappropriate stuff.

It worked. But then people started posting links. It got boring. People left.

Version 3. We started again – NO LINKS. International and local. No pitching (except on Fridays). No payment (costs nothing to get in). Just networking.

It’s a dream! 3rd time lucky. And the magic is happening.

And it’s not about the business people are winning despite the pandemic. It’s about the support people are getting.

A place to get conversation. Eases the sense of isolation chatting to other people in business – and in the same pandemic boat!

Pure networking.

People love the fact it costs nothing.

Would you have given up?

Lessons to be learned you think from NOT giving up?

We nearly did!

So glad we didn’t.

The very best place to start – talk to the community – you don’t even have those awkward “what do I say?” moments.

We start the conversation each day (Monday to Friday) – if you are about, join in whatever topic it is if you fancy getting networking…

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