Gillian Seale: How A Legacy Story Educates, Inspires And Strengthens The Bonds For Bereaved Families, Children and Grandchildren

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Hi NAME, I was on a zoom call listening to author, Gillian Seale, describing how she has just completed a fictional legacy story for the grandchildren of Mark Stanley who was an ambulance driver for the NHS.

The book’s called “Ackers Discovers Healing Magic”. In the book he does just that except instead of an ambulance he has an invisible two headed dragon.

What she does is touching. Because he passed before any of his grandchildren reached the age of 5, it preserves memories to be retold.

Gillian detailed how she can help in both the bereavement sector and in schools.

These stories are powerful as they strengthen bonds between family members. They shape how children understand the world around them. They influence, teach and inspire.

That’s why I thought of you. I think it’s worth chatting to Gillian – shall I put you in touch?