Athole Forbes: Got Business Worth 10 Years Of Membership Fees Back In One Week

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Hi NAME, I was on a Zoom call listening to Athole describing how Ray, a lawyer, got 10 years worth of membership fees in business inside a week of joining her online network.

I thought of you because this is a really clever way of networking. You tell a story about how you helped a client. And everyone who can think of someone like that shares it.

She mentioned that Ray preferred the community vibe of the group. More relaxed, informal, but very focused on getting people business. The Zooms they do are only 40 minutes long.

Worth having a look at if you want to get more clients quite easily.

Let me know and I’ll ask Athole to get in touch with a choice of dates and times so you can pick one and she’ll send you the Zoom link.

Fancy trying it?