The Story Swap Vault

Step 1. Think of a client you love. Any client.

What results did you deliver for them? That may not be immediately clear. But once we’ve finished, you will be telling a wonderful story – all true – about how you helped them.

Who to?

People who know the same people as the person you thought of!

And then the magic happens. You meet the people who have stories of helping people just like your client. But they don’t compete.

Step 2. Think of a time you recommended something – anything to a friend…

Can you think of a time? Or a time when a friend recommended something to you? That was based on trust. You, or a friend, had a positive experience and shared it.

Did you buy? Did they buy?

Probably. When someone else has a positive experience, you are pre-sold.

That’s why you will meet on short, 40 minute Zoom sessions with people who know the types of clients you seek.

At some point, some of them you will grow to trust to do a good job. And the same will happen in return with you.

Step 3. Join, and deposit just one story into the swap vault, and your account is open

You don’t even need to know how to formulate a story that has impact – we’ll help you do that – and what’s even better, nearly everything we do is in written form.

So the first step is to deposit the story basics – what niche that client you thought of is in. And a couple of points about what you did.

You’re shown how to perfect it – and we help you finetune it.

Then we hit that moment of trust. Someone hears your story and decides to share it. With Dave. They copy the message. And send it. It takes seconds.

Here’s an example of the opening. Imagine you know Dave the graphic designer. And you just heard Angela sharing how she helped someone just like Dave.

You trust Angela. You also want Dave to get the same experience you know she will deliver. So you copy and paste it and hit send.

Step 4. Once you’ve joined, attend the next 40 minute Story Session

You don’t even need your story complete to begin with. You can listen in on the first one to get an idea of what everyone else does.

Watch the training videos to learn how to perfect your story – have a practice 1-2-1 with someone who will help you perfect it in a safe space to do that.

And that’s it! Just turn up as often as you can to the Story Sessions. Build that trust.

Top it up by attending our weekly Masterminds when you can get to know everyone else a bit more.

Join For At Least 3 Months – There’s No Tie-In Beyond That

In fact there’s no tie-in at all! It’s monthly – leave or cancel whenever you want. But give it 3 months. After all, you need TRUST first – and how long does it take that to build?

During that time, you will perfect the art of story-telling. Have a library you can use forever in your business. And have lots of practice under your belt telling these powerful stories in about a minute to help win business constantly.

BUT during that time, you will be able to story swap and get introduced to the people others think of when you tell your story.

So you’ll win business.

Click Here To Join And Get Started

Or take a sneaky look at how you get your first story into the swap vault here.